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I scare myself sometimes…on purpose.

Last night I dressed up like a very scary zombie. And no, it’s not Halloween. BUT it was Friday the 13th. Dun dun dunnnnn.

My girlfriends and I decided it would be fun to attend a Monster Bash last night in honor of the “unlucky” day. Any excuse to get dressed up, right?

We went to TOWN. Who would have thought covering yourself in costume makeup and mixing up a batch of homemade blood would be so fun? I’m pretty sure we had more fun applying the makeup and taking a million photos than we actually had at the party.

Behold our scariness….

Just spreading the zombie love.

I’m in the back left. I think I looked more like a deranged clown than a zombie, but I was still pretty darn frightening. We made the blood with water, flour, red food coloring, cocoa powder and a little molasses. It was kind of cakey but looked so nasty. Perfect.

We're commmmming...

I didn’t realize we were so horrifying until we actually got to the bar later that night. People were STARING at us, especially since not many people were actually dressed up (maybe 25% of the crowd). It’s hard to remember you look so terrible when you feel totally normal. We ended up going to the bathroom at one point in the night and I legitimately scared myself when I looked in the mirror. No wonder people were staring.

One of my fellow zombie friends took a ton of photos on her camera, so I’ll share those as soon as they make it to Facebook. We put on quite the undead fashion show. In the meantime I’ll leave you with this gem of a couple’s photo.

Love at first bite.

Brian wore a weird wolf shirt and put the fake blood on his face. It looked like he was wearing a bloody mustache. Ewww. Totally a frame-able pic, though.

Can’t wait for the next zombie party!

Recent Runs

I totally slacked on getting in my scheduled 5 miler this past Saturday. I had a wedding to attend that day, and out of town guests staying with us, so I opted to push it to Sunday.

I ended up getting a nasty bout of IBS fun at the wedding, so my stomach felt a little off come Sunday morning. However, I forced myself to hit the pavement in an effort to stick to the schedule. I was able to use my Garmin, but now I can’t find the little updater stick thing!! Boo. I finished the run with a 9:22 or so average pace, but can’t show you the splits. Decent for me, especially with a tummy on the rocks.

Monday was BodyPump and Tuesday was my attempt at a treadmill 400 repeat run. I managed to do the fast 400s at a 7:53 pace and held on for 3 miles of repeats. I think I finished the 3 miles around 8:30 pace overall.

Yesterday was BodyPump followed by my attempt at a treadmill hill workout. Can you tell I’m trying to switch things up? I managed to increase the elevation by 2.0 every .25 miles for a solid 2 miles, then I took it down 2.o for another .25 and then for the last .75 ran flat. I kind of hated the whole hill thing, but I’m glad I did it. My pace was an average of 9:50.

Blah to hills.

I REALLY wish there was a 10k for me to run this weekend since I have 6 miles planned, but I guess I’ll have to go at it alone!

Happy Friday the 13th!!

Here's a weird dog to make you smile on this unlucky day!

Work drinks

My collection of work-time beverages.


Coffee, lemon water and a McFlurry.

I’ll take a Magna Doodle and a Dear Diary please

My dad recently came across an OLD Christmas list that I had written. I must have been 10 or 11 when this gem of a list formulated in my mind.

In case you can’t read that, I wanted:

  1. Bugs Bunny Stuffed Toy ($19.99…that’s INSANE)
  2. Magna Doodle ($11.99)
  3. Nerf Sneak Shot Blaster ($17.99)…yeah, I’m cool.
  4. Dear Diary ($29.99). 90’s blogging!
  5. Nightmare Before Christmas ($13.99)
  6. Maniac Mouse ($11.99)
  7. Thunder Strike 10 ($17.99)
  8. Incredible Edibles Gross-E-Ries Maker ($24.99)
  9. Aladdin and Sonic Spin Ball Game Gear Games ($34.99 and $29.99)
  10. Super NES Jurrassic Park ($42.99)

Seriously, a MAGNA DOODLE?? That’s a Fisher Price toy for little kids…


And apparently this commercial had a really big impact on me…

And this was like SOOOOO high tech…

I would have been bored in 3 seconds with this thing.

I can’t actually remember receiving any of these gifts. Maybe Nightmare Before Christmas? Surprises were always better anyway. I have a faint memory of staring at the Toys R Us catalog and just writing down everything I saw. I was destined to be a nerd and I love it.


What was I thinking?

Seriously. What the hell was I thinking about in this photo?

Probably the best (and by best, I mean worst) race photo of me EVER.

I THINK it was the end of the race?? And I’m trying to turn off my Garmin?

I’m happy to be done?

I’m practicing my modeling skills?

I promise it’s not a sigh of relief from wetting myself…


Get Out of the Car!

This morning I was on the road by 5:30am for a work event. I stopped at Einstein’s to grab a couple dozen bagels for the event and then made my way an hour west. I arrived by 6:45am did my work thang and hit the road back to Richmond by 7:45.

I was desperate for coffee by the time I was back in the city so I went to the Starbucks by my office. It was now about 8:45am. And holy moly there was a line for the drive thru wrapped around the block!! I couldn’t even get into the parking lot. There were at LEAST 17 cars in line.

Now I understand the need for coffee. It’s liquid gold. But why the HELL are these people sitting in their cars waiting and waiting when there are literally no cars actually parked in the parking lot?? I mean, hello, if there aren’t cars parked in the lot, that means the inside of the store is empty. Duh. Now I can TOTALLY understand using the drive thru if you have kids in the car, or an elderly person, or some other circumstance that would require significant effort and/or discomfort to leave the vehicle. But I seriously doubt every car in line had an issue like that..

I managed to finagle my way around the chain of laziness, parked, and entered the shop. NO ONE IN LINE. Not one single person. Nada. No wait. Nothing.

I ordered my latte and was out the door before the line of cars had moved forward even 20 feet.

I secretly hoped those people saw me go in and out. I really wanted to prove a point.

Get out of the car!!!!

Rant over.


In other news, I’m getting my very first spray tan tomorrow. I’m praying I don’t end up orange or streaky or weird.

Running Weirds

Lately, some weird things have happened to me whilst running.

Nothing TOO crazy, but still notable…

  • I got whacked in the boob with a falling acorn. I was trotting along and I swear a pissed off squirrel chucked it at me. Those things pack quite the punch.
  • My birth control patch fell off. Maybe this is TMI, but I thought I’d share anyway. I got in the shower after my 8 miler on Monday and that little patch was no where to be found. I’ve NEVER had one fall off (and I’ve worn them for 2 years), so I was surprised. It was super humid and I was sweating a lot, but that’s nothing new when it comes to running. Oh well, hopefully no one finds it…that would be kinda gross. But now I’m all sort of whacked up “schedule-wise.” I really hope this doesn’t wreak havoc on my skin or emotions..
  • My kneecap felt like it moved. After my run yesterday my right knee felt so weird. It wasn’t painful at all – just felt like my knee cap was shifted over to the right. Everything looks completely normal, so I’m not sure why I’m feeling this. It’s like a ghost kneecap.
  • I can’t spit to save my life. EVERY time I try to spit during a run, a long strand seems to dangle from my mouth. Again, this is definitely TMI and I apologize. And it’s just super gross. I really need to master this art.

7 out of 10 Norweigan wooden trolls agree...I'm weird.

p.s. 1 month till WEDDING DAY. Wowza.

Make it Work

Anyone else a huge fan of Tim Gunn? I kind of want to kidnap him and keep him as my own fabulous grandfather (not that I think he’s super old, but you know what I mean). That’s not creepy…

Today I had to make my workouts work.

On Mondays, normally I like to go to Spin at 5:30 and BodyPump at 6:30. It’s a great combination of cardio and weights. However, I had a work event scheduled for 5:30 today and I knew there was no way I’d be done in time for either.

Mondays provide the most flexibility for me since I work from home these days. It really is the best thing EVER. It’s quiet, I can make smoothies at will, brew coffee just the way I like it, work with a cat on my lap, and, most importantly, use my lunch break for a work out. Today I decided to work out longer than usual since I’d be extending my work day until about 7pm.

I hit up the 12:10 BodyPump XP class at the gym and then came home and did a quick 3 miler. I was hesitant to run in the middle of the day, but thankfully a quick rain shower washed much of the heat away. It was still about 88 when I hit the road, which is a FAR CRY from 97 and humid. Why can’t my runs be this good in the early morning?!

When all was said and done I whipped up a delicious smoothy and went back to work. Another perk of working from home…no need to shower immediately after working out.

Then I took this really cool photo of me and my twin. Bahaha.


And now. Time to veg out.

Did That Just Happen?

I walked in my door last night at 9pm. Where the heck did my day go??

Sadly I didn't spend my day schmoozing with wooden forest gnomes. Obviously I wish I did.

I worked my regular 9-5 then had a 5:30 work-related meeting. Then I whizzed over to WINE AND DASH and still ended up being late. I had to run in the restaurant and change clothes and the whole team waited for me. So nice of them!! I felt bad but they were all very nice about it. Runners are just good people.

I suffered through 3 surreal miles. It was so bizarre. They literally passed by without much thought on my part. I was physically feeling the burn (and the 93 degree heat) but mentally I was just kinda checked out. Definitely nothing like Sunday’s I-feel-like-sunshine-and-rainbows run. Maybe it was the fact that I was running on grass half the time?

Geez I was all over the place.

I didn’t stick around for wine this time and instead headed to Kroger to pick up our weekly haul. I managed to spend $130…I guess that’s what happens when you decide to shop only in the organic section. Boo! Eating healthy shouldn’t be so darn expensive. I took my sweet time bagging my own groceries (fun!) which probably kept me in the store an extra 15 minutes. Then I got home, unpacked, ate some cereal and called it a night.

Today’s a whirlwind…I’m heading in to the office at 7, driving around allllll day hand delivering some SWEET cupcake invites for a work event, meeting with the priest (oh yea that whole wedding thing is coming up…eeek!), and knocking out 3 more miles.

Cheers to that!!

Bridal Expo Explosion

Talk about a bridal madhouse.

I attended my first Bridal Expo this weekend and I quickly discovered that I am very behind the game. My wedding day is just about 4 months away…most people in attendance we getting married in 2012 (I deciphered this thanks to the sign up sheets at the vendor tables. I’m a sleuth).

Anyways, I tagged along with a friend of mine in the hopes that I could try some yummy cake samples and maybe find a band and some transportation (yea we’re a little behind).

The Expo was held in a hotel and it seemed to take up the ENTIRE first floor of the place. There were upwards of 75 vendors, a fashion show stage, door prizes, and hundreds of crazy people. I was decently entertained with the people watching and I did end up making an appointment with an invite shop (oh yea we need to invite people to this shindig…). I also talked to a few transportation companies and I think I found us a band. All in all I would say it was a success and I’m glad I went. I don’t think you could drag me to another one for less than $5,000 though.

In other news, the diamond fell out of my engagement ring.

This is how it's supposed to look.

I was literally just sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when the damn thing fell right out. I wasn’t even MOVING. I was rather stunned at this occurrence, but I figured it would be an easy fix. I dropped it off at the jewelery store and they ended up having to order some special thingy to replace the diamond. It cost me a grand total of $0, thank goodness. I had to go ringless for about 4 days though, so that was weird.

But now it’s back on my finger and happily polished.

Thankfully this little sucker is fully insured, so I could drop it down a drain or into a shark’s mouth and get another one for free. YAY!

I few other wedding tidbits…

  • We have our PHOTOGRAPHER and she’s RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. You can check out her page here.
  • I’m thinking about having the bridesmaids carry RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME paper flowers.

  • We have blocked off rooms at a nice hotel for our RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME guests.
  • I’ve started construction on our RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME wedding website.
  • I have my first RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME dress fitting on July 23rd which means I need to find a pair of RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME shoes before then.

I’m off to try and book our honeymoon! Ciao!