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Spotlight: Details

Bringin’ it back to the wedding for a hot minute…

(Again, all of these photos were taken by our ridiculouslyawesomeamazing photographer, Katelyn. I’ll do a post on her soon – she is seriously amazing!)

As you may have gathered from my other wedding-related posts, I was pretty laid back about this whole wedding thing. I do a LOT of event planning at work, so when it came to my own event, I just kinda wanted to take a step back. Thankfully I had some great people on my side and things came together quite nicely, despite my laissez-faire attitude.

Here are some of the details that will likely get left out of more generalized recaps.

Go Spiders!

Bridesmaids hairpieces

My love note to Bri (yeah, it's a cat peering out of a paper bag)

The Story of Us...most epic wedding gift ever.

Our cake topper (complete with cats).

Our lil table with Just Married banner.

Kate Spade toasting glasses. Now the nicest things we own.

Tasty cupcakes everywhere.

Our thumbprint tree...drawn by my lovely MOH and transported all the way from Australia.

Meet the Maids table & sparkler ball for our grand exit.

So there you have it. I’ve got THOUSANDS of photos and details to share, but didn’t want to let these little things fall through the cracks! ‘Twas a glorious, glorious day.

Spotlight: Wedding Flowers

I took a VERY nontraditional route when it came to our wedding flowers – specifically for the bridal party.

In fact, no flowers were involved at all. Just PAPER. Many, many people (including my own mother and our florist) thought I was crazy when I said I was having paper flowers. I think a lot of people pictured something a child would make or something uber lame.

But no. These flowers were totally awesome and I got SO MANY compliments on them.


Since the girls were wearing black, I wanted something that really popped. I toyed around with the idea of purple shoes, but the bouquets were just enough on their own. I love the hombre effect!

They look bangin’ in the bridal party shots…

Just enough pop.

The photo is a little awkward…we were FREEZING. It was like 42 and rainy. Yuck (but good luck apparently).

The guys wore individual buds, 2 of them in each of the 3 colors making up the hombre effect of the bouquet:

The florist added a little bit of greenery and a twig to complete the look.

My bouquet was made of real flowers (white roses? shows how into the real flowers I was…haha), with a few of the paper buds dispersed throughout.

Simple and very ME.

Brian wore a single white paper flower and a single white bud.

We did opt for real flowers for the reception. My mom liked the idea of SOME real flowers in her daughter’s wedding. The centerpieces were of varying heights and featured pink and purple flowers.

Black, white and shades of purple.

Funky and elegant.

You can sort of see the varying heights here.

Overall I LOVED all of the flowers, paper and real. The paper bouquets are from an Etsy shop called FlowerThyme. I had a great experience with the shop owner, Kirsten, and her product is amazingly perfect. I highly, highly recommend FlowerThyme for your paper flower needs!! Now I have a few bridesmaid’s bouquets serving as the centerpiece of my dining room table. It’s a constant reminder of our special day and it looks pretty darn fantastic!!

Oh and in case you noticed the name all over the photographs…our photographer was Katelyn James! I cannot say enough about how AWESOME and FANTASTIC she is. It’s a post in and of itself. All photos were taken by Katelyn!

I’ve got so many more wedding details to share, so I’ll keep ’em coming. Cheers!

Get Up and Go

I had a horrible night’s sleep last night.

I woke up multiple times for no apparent reason and was also so kindly visited by Aunt Flo (TMI ugg). I was SO tempted to stay in bed when 7:30am rolled around, but my dad and I had plans to hit up the gym. They offer an 8:30am BodyPump class that I really didn’t want to pass up. I SERIOUSLY considered bailing on our excursion, but it’s not like the option of a nap is entirely out of the picture on vacation…so I got my butt outta bed.

This couldn’t be any more true…

I really wish I had the willpower to work out in the mornings before work. It’s so hard to get motivated! Why can’t I just get it through my head that I will ALWAYS feel better after a workout?!

I digress. So the BodyPump class had exactly 3 students and was quite fabulous. The instructor was German and was blasting techno tracks the entire time. However, I was completely thrown off by the fact that their weights were in kilograms instead of pounds. I have no idea how much I was lifting. It’s interesting to see how another gym handles their BodyPumping.

After sufficiently burning out my muscles, I hopped on the treadmill for a brisk 4 miler. I recently discovered (thanks DailyMile) that I’m only 12 miles shy of running 500 miles for the year! So now I must accomplish that goal…4 miles today, 4 tomorrow, and 4 on NYE. It will be done. I finished today’s 4 in 35:30 – a great run for me!

I forgot to mention another of my fav Christmas presents: a new Under Armour running top. It’s heavenly. Kind of fleecy on the inside and comes complete with thumb holes. Swoon.

I look haggard, but the top is cute.

Time to tackle some wedding thank yous! Oh and happy 2 months of marriage to me and the hubster!!


Stole this idea directly from Pinterest. Which is totally the point…


The only bar on campus…many, many a good time was had here.

THE Dress

Now that I’ve done the whole wedding thing, I can finally post about MY DRESS!

It is a Priscilla of Boston gown from the Vineyard Collection. The dress itself is called “Constance.” Unfortunately Priscilla of Boston has since gone out of business after DECADES of existence. My mom even wanted a Priscilla gown when she got married (but she was married in Tunisia so it wasn’t really realistic). The whole business closing thing happened just after my dress had been ordered, so I was not affected by anything. In fact, we managed to get my veil and some jewelery for HALF OFF the normal price when I came back in for my fitting. Score.

Thar she blows…


Too bad I only got to wear it for one day.


I actually went through a phase of regretting the purchase. I was a little subconscious of the way the bodice pushed up my armpits. However, after the fitting I was put at ease and definitely loved everything about the dress. It was comfortable, simple, elegant and timeless. It’s not the kind of style I’d look back at and think, what the hell was I thinking?!

Now I just need an excuse (other than another wedding) to wear it again!

Many, many, many more pics to come of the whole wondrous day…