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Friday Funk?!

It’s Friday…I feel like I should be jumping for joy. But for some reason I feel this sense of dread/sadness/blah creeping over me. What gives?!

I feel like I go through these days rather often, and I’m not sure how to stop it. There are times that I feel SUPER AWESOME and ready to take on the world. I see my life in a really positive light and feel grateful and hopeful and excited. But then there are other moments and days, like today, where I just can’t shake the cloud. I can’t even really pinpoint what it is that makes me feel this way. Is it the overcast weather? The fact that I am frustrated by my job? That I don’t have any close friends in the area? That my family is far away? That the litter box needs changing, the bathroom needs scrubbing and I haven’t showered yet today?

I wish I knew what it was that was making me feel this reoccurring funk. I would nip it in the bud and move on with my life. Life is too short to feel this way on a regular basis. How do I maximize the awesome moments? How can I start LIVING my life with a perpetual sense of YAHOOAWESOMERAINBOWS?!

I turn 29 in a few weeks and want to put the funk behind me for good. It’s time to figure it out once and for all!

The Happy Emptiness.
The Happy.
The Funk Cloud.
The Funk Cloud.

Happiness please.


BodyPump and Long Runs DO NOT MIX

At least not for me…I am SORE. And it’s already been two days since I did that.

I had a work event all day on Saturday and was on the go for 12 hours (including the drive there and back), so I saved my workouts for Sunday. Normally I like to do my run on Saturday so all I have to worry about on Sunday is BodyPump. It’s good to keep those things separate. However, this weekend I decided to do my normal Sunday BodyPump class at 2:15 followed by my 8 miler at 3:45 so I could fit everything in.

The new release of BodyPump is killer but I really like it. The music is good and the tracks have really made me feel the burn in new ways. The shoulder track is probably my favorite because the music is so darn weird. The lunge track HURTS and my legs were burning when I left the class. I should have known throwing 8 miles into the mix would be painful.

But I sucked it up and did it anyway. All things considered it was a great run, even though my fingers got a little frozen by the end. But I am STILL sore. Maybe I should learn to stretch…

I seriously hope this is putting me on a path to a sub-2 half marathon. I felt strong throughout the run and think I could have gone quite a bit faster. However I am NOT risking injury!!

After all this pumping and running I took Monday off since I could barely walk. My inner thighs were particularly mean. Today I did a nice and easy 5 miler to try and shake things out a bit.

I don’t think I could have run that first mile any faster. My legs were like lead!! Happy to get those miles in though..

As I was running I came across a major pet peeve of mine. FOUR women were walking side by side on the path in Bryan Park…they were taking up the ENTIRE thing! There was really no way for me to get around them without running off the path. They were so into their conversation that I don’t think they heard me coming. I even tried intentionally running on leaves and clearing my throat. I’m pretty sure I freaked them out as I ran past on the edge of the path. I hope they didn’t get hit by any bikers.

Path ladies.

They are kind of hard to see in that photo, but I had to document the moment. I decided to take a picture pretty far away so I wouldn’t completely freak them out if they turned around. Share the road!


Tomorrow’s supposed to be 70 and sunny. I’m crossing my fingers for the chance to run outside again! Let’s just hope my aching muscles can handle it…

Spotlight: Wedding Flowers

I took a VERY nontraditional route when it came to our wedding flowers – specifically for the bridal party.

In fact, no flowers were involved at all. Just PAPER. Many, many people (including my own mother and our florist) thought I was crazy when I said I was having paper flowers. I think a lot of people pictured something a child would make or something uber lame.

But no. These flowers were totally awesome and I got SO MANY compliments on them.


Since the girls were wearing black, I wanted something that really popped. I toyed around with the idea of purple shoes, but the bouquets were just enough on their own. I love the hombre effect!

They look bangin’ in the bridal party shots…

Just enough pop.

The photo is a little awkward…we were FREEZING. It was like 42 and rainy. Yuck (but good luck apparently).

The guys wore individual buds, 2 of them in each of the 3 colors making up the hombre effect of the bouquet:

The florist added a little bit of greenery and a twig to complete the look.

My bouquet was made of real flowers (white roses? shows how into the real flowers I was…haha), with a few of the paper buds dispersed throughout.

Simple and very ME.

Brian wore a single white paper flower and a single white bud.

We did opt for real flowers for the reception. My mom liked the idea of SOME real flowers in her daughter’s wedding. The centerpieces were of varying heights and featured pink and purple flowers.

Black, white and shades of purple.

Funky and elegant.

You can sort of see the varying heights here.

Overall I LOVED all of the flowers, paper and real. The paper bouquets are from an Etsy shop called FlowerThyme. I had a great experience with the shop owner, Kirsten, and her product is amazingly perfect. I highly, highly recommend FlowerThyme for your paper flower needs!! Now I have a few bridesmaid’s bouquets serving as the centerpiece of my dining room table. It’s a constant reminder of our special day and it looks pretty darn fantastic!!

Oh and in case you noticed the name all over the photographs…our photographer was Katelyn James! I cannot say enough about how AWESOME and FANTASTIC she is. It’s a post in and of itself. All photos were taken by Katelyn!

I’ve got so many more wedding details to share, so I’ll keep ’em coming. Cheers!

The Next 2 Weeks

Who doesn’t love a good training plan?

The training team I am on comes furnished with a handy dandy training manual. It’s got a detailed calendar, descriptions of “types” of runs, tips, and even a training log. I followed it practically word for word last year and I plan to take a similar route this year. Following that guide made me realize that TRAINING WORKS.

I had stupidly completed a few races prior to the training team with basically ZERO training. And I suffered for it. This year I’m going in with my training guns blazing, especially since I think I might be able to accomplish a sub 2 hour race.

In addition to the lovely training manual, I also plan to use Google docs to keep myself accountable. I want to cross train and strength train this time around, and this format allows me to add those workouts in too. Here are my first two weeks:

I’m hoping that by writing everything down I’ll actually be accountable to do it. There is nothing more satisfying than looking back at a training guide and knowing you actually did all that work. Love it! You’ll notice that I plan to run twice while at the beach…it’s on the calendar so

The mileage will start to add up quickly, so let’s rock and roll!

Running is DA BOMB!

Avoiding Collapse

Welp, I didn’t collapse.

But yesterday’s 5k was a scorcher. I am kinda disappointed I didn’t do better in this race, but all things considered I guess I should be pleased with the outcome. I have completed maybe 5 runs the entire month of July, and only 2 of them have been outside. Had this race taken place in April or May, I could have PRed like WHOA.

Anyways…here’s the scoop.

My unspoken goal was to finish in under 28 minutes, so I accomplished that. However, I did have to stop and walk right around mile 2. I needed a mental pep talk and had to take in some water. The humidity can be crushing. I felt like I was flying the last mile, but when I looked down at Mr. Garmin I was running about a 9:40 pace. Ouch.

So anyways, not the best race ever, but I’m glad I did it. Half Marathon training starts on Saturday so it was nice to have a little race to motivate me.

In other news I spent $170 on groceries today. I’ve decided to shop almost exclusively in the natural/organic section of Kroger. It’s painful on the wallet but I feel better about what I’m putting in my body. Hopefully today’s haul will last a solid 3 weeks!

FEED ME (real, wholesome, nature-made foods)

Goodbye weekend, you’ve been fun!!

Nap or Workout?

I chose nap.

I thought about going to a body pump class tonight (never done one!), but I decided against it when I walked through the door this afternoon. I have volleyball games at 9 & 10pm tonight so I didn’t want to over do it. My body was craving some extra rest. Unfortunately a little furball has been keeping me up all night with his need to cuddle on my face. Ever tried to sleep with a wet cat nose tickling your nose? Horrible. Oh and he drools like crazy.

At least he's cute. And MUCH fatter now.

The 1.5 hour nap was exactly what I needed.

Yesterday’s run was decent. It called for a 35 minute tempo run, but honestly I’m not sure how the hell to actually do that. I’ve read tons of info about tempo runs online, but when I actually hit the pavement I can’t seem to figure it out. So instead I just ran two loops of the park…about 3.25 miles.

I’m getting comfortable in the early 9:00s. I am not really sure what to equate this to, but I’m not complaining. Training WORKS and I’m not a “Real” runner. Love it. I’m hoping I can maintain this kind of pace in the Monument 10k.

In other news, I bought a Boot Camp pass on Living Social today. $20 for a 1 month unlimited pass to bootcamp classes near my house. SOLD. I’m planning to use my month in March or April, when it’s a little nicer out (although today was a happy 72 degrees). I’m considering this my “get my ass in shape for the wedding” present to myself.

Time for volleyball!


This November I am running my very first half marathon. That’s right, 13.1 awesomely craptastic miles. I’ve finished three 10ks and a 5k but never actually trained for any of it. I always wanted to do the 10k in under 1 hour but always ran into some sort of issue – most notably my IT band. So now that I am upping the ante on my adult-ness, I decided a half marathon would be some good motivation to stay focused on a happier and healthier me. I NEED structure and a schedule, so setting a massive goal is the perfect plan.

My very first 10k! (Look at that heel strike…YIKES)

In early August I began training for the McDonald’s (ha – irony???) Half Marathon in Richmond, VA. I forked over the money to join the “official training team” through a local sports organization and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. The actual race isn’t until November 13th but I’ve already got a solid month of training under my belt. It is unreal how wonderful the training team is for me. Every Saturday we do our long group runs and then follow a scheduled training manual for the rest of the week. There is also a nifty website to help keep track of runs, chat with other runners and view photos from each long run (

I plan to dedicate a whole post to the awesomeness of the training team, so for now I want to share some blogivations (blog + motivation…work with me here people) that have really helped me form a new appreciation for health, running and fitness. These blogs gave me the confidence to buckle up and register for the half marathon and attempt to document everything along the way!

  • First up, the mothership of healthy living blogs: Healthy Tipping Point. I can’t tell you how awesome I think Caitlin is. She runs, eats healthy (and super appetizing!!) foods, and even published her own book: Operation Beautiful. I definitely look up to her and check her blog daily. She’s EPIC.
  • SkinnyRunner. Hilarious and a ridiculously great runner (and celebrity gossip guru). I wish I had the patience to do a 13 mile treadmill run. And that’s just how she trains. Love it. Oh and she is a commercial fisherwoman. How badass is that?!?!!?
  • Katie from the New Good Ole Days is one of my favorites. She is super inspiring, fashionable and positive. I love her outlook on life and how she keeps such a fresh and positive perspective on everything. She’s one of the main reason’s I’ve been focusing on healthy eating lately – the greatest wealth is health!!
  • The Front Burner. Emily is just so wonderfully NORMAL. She is an inspiring athlete and she keeps things real on her blog, which I really appreciate! And she makes healthy living seem so easy andĀ achievableĀ for a newbie like me.
  • And a new personal fav…The Hungry Runner Girl. Hilarious, quirky and ridiculously good at running (and being weird…in a good way duh).
  • Other blogs I love to frequent are: Peanut Butter Fingers, Graduate Meghann, and The Fitnessista. Such awesome inspiration!

Happy healthy living!!