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Playing Catch Up. And an Injury. Womp Womp.

So I have two races to recap. Two glorious, amazing and personal best races.

But I’m kind of in a funk. Exactly 2 days after the Tobacco Road Half Marathon I got a mysterious neck injury. This baby came out of no where and it SUCKS.

I’ve been to the chiropractor (I literally could not sleep because of the pain) and he explained that my neck is straight…basically it’s missing the natural curve. And one of the vertebrae in my neck is kind of twisted weirdly. In a nutshell, it hurts. So now I’m going to need regular adjustments to put everything back in place. In the meantime I will just have to live with the pain (no scary pain meds for me, thanks) and lay off the running, working out, functioning normally.

These aren’t my X-rays, but this is what it looks like. The pic on the left is what my neck looks like. It’s straight. It should look like the pic on the right.

It’s depressing. I haven’t been able to run for an entire week and I already feel like a waste of space. I don’t know what to do with myself. I need running!! The worst part is that this could take a l.o.n.g time to fix. I can (sort of) live with the pain, but I want to be able to run and do BodyPump.

Right now my goal is to be back to normal by June 2. That’s when the Marathon Training Team starts for the Richmond Marathon. I WILL be on that team. Two whole months of recovery should be enough…right?!

So yeah. That’s where things are right now. I’m looking forward to writing two glorious race recaps. It’s kind of like living through it again. Roanoke Canal 8k recap will be live in the morning!

Until then, cheers to recovery and healing…

Stay home or go in? What’s a girl to do!?

I’ve been sick since Thursday of last week, not counting the sick day I took on Tuesday of that week because of my nausea. Normally I bounce back from sickness quickly – like maybe 1 or 2 days MAX – but this thing is just dragging on and on. I don’t get it.

This week I worked half a day from home on Monday and went into the office at noon on Tuesday and I stayed home today. We have a day of meetings and I knew my constant coughing and nose blowing would not be appreciated. I’m crossing my fingers that this is my FINAL day of rest. I’m SO OVER IT!

Overall I’m feeling better, but I just can’t get rid of this unbelievable cough and the nastiness that is coming up with it. Today will be day 3 of stronger meds, so they better freaking kick in. Can you tell I’m bitter?

The hardest part about being a sick 20 something working girl is having to decide if I should stay home or not. Today is the 5th sick day in 2 weeks that I’ve taken. Honestly, I feel guilty about it. I desperately want to get better, but I know there is a lot on my plate at work and I’m just letting it sit there and fester. I also don’t want to let my coworkers down – they are a FABULOUS bunch and I don’t want them to think I’m half-assing my responsibilities just so I can spend another day on the couch. I woke up this morning with every intention of going in to work, but something inside me told me it’d be a bad idea. I pictured myself completely disrupting our all-staff meeting and then being told to go home anyway. Would that be better or worse than calling in sick first thing in the AM?? Oh the dilemmas we face…

A week of sitting on the couch has also put me in a mental slump. I have no motivation, I’m grubby, I’m cranky, I’m bored, and I just want things to get back to normal. I know these are minimal problems to have compared to so many things in this world, but I just can’t shake this gloomy feeling. I need some fluffy kittens, pretty flowers, and a 9 mile run to make me shine again!

Sick rant over. Onwards and upwards….starting with this happy scene.

Beautiful Norway...I could go for your fresh air today!

Be Gone Foul Sickness!

I’m sick. Like can’t move, can’t swallow kind of sick. I puked my brains out on Monday night, took Tuesday off from work, went to work on Wednesday and then woke up this AM with no voice. I tried to man up and get in the shower and move on with my day and I ended up fainting. Scared the crap out of me. I felt it coming on (total tunnel vision and extreme hotness took over my body. And not “hotness” like damn-she’s-finnneeee, I’m talking firey heat) so I crawled out of the shower and onto the floor completely covered in soap. I definitely scared the cats…

Anyways, long story short I called Brian in a panic and he came home and whisked me to the urgent care center. LAME. They think I have tonsillitis and the fainting was thanks to my lack of proper nutrition after the pukefest on Monday night. She saw me for all of 2 minutes, so I have no idea if this is a legit diagnosis. She said, “you’re a small person so if you get up too quickly you could faint”. I’m sorry but that really doesn’t help me at all..

I chugged chocolate milk when I got home and managed to choke down some eggs and tea. I haven’t moved much today and canceled all my meetings and activities through Saturday. It sucks.

This is how I feel about the whole thing:

Go away sickness, we hate you!!!

And yes, that is my cat Mr. Chips. He does actually have legs and is quite a nice fellow. I caught him in an off moment.

Needless to say I haven’t been for a run since my 7 miler on Saturday. I attempted 5 on Monday, but failed miserably at mile 2.6 and got Brian to come pick me up. Apparently my body knew what was in store for it…

The 7 miles on Saturday weren’t too shabby at all. It was an enjoyable run and seemed short after my 15k the weekend before. I love how training works like that. I have a 10 miler scheduled for this weekend, but I’m thinking that’s not gonna happen. Now that I’ve had practically a week off from running, I don’t see 10 miles in the cards for me. I may attempt something on Sunday if I’m up to it, but will just have to work a little harder next weekend. The Williamsburg Half is less than a month away!!

And just as a random thought…ever wonder what you’d look like as a Neanderthal? Well thanks to the Natural History Museum in DC, you can. I visited the museum a few months ago and took this lovely picture. There’s also a free app for iPhones – GREAT party trick.

Evolution would have weeded me out...

Happy Royal Wedding Day (almost!).