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Goodbye 2012!

2012, you’ve been good to me.

I loved that I managed to blog somewhat spontaneously throughout 2012. It’s great to re-read my memories, accomplishments, troubles, good times, bad times, milestones…all that jazz. When I think about 2012, I think of change.

It was my first full year as a married woman (gosh I sound old).


It was the year of running PRs in the 5k, 5 miler and half marathon.



It was the year I ran my first (and what is sure to be my only) marathon.



It was the year our family grew by one Waffle.


It’s also the year I started grad school, made a big career move, made a big LIFE move, started to live with my in-laws in the crazy transition stage, discovered my love for lululemon and hot yoga, realized positivity will take me places, became confident in my abilities in the workplace, and continued to appreciate my family more and more. And, in all that squishy stuff, I had some awesome nights out with friends, kicked ass with my volleyball team, traveled to a few new places, laughed endlessly with my husband, drank wine by the fire pit on numerous occasions, snuggled with my crazy animal family, and still didn’t learn how to cook. All in in, 2012 was a bangin’ year. And, if I can have my way, 2013 will be even more awesome.


Hey world, you’re my oyster.

A Move in the Right Direction

YAHOO! The hubs has an interview in the Philly area!! Perhaps the days of our long distance marriage are finally numbered…

Next up, packing up our entire house as quickly as possible, so we can get that baby on the market. I am REALLY hoping it sells quickly (all signs point to yes, thank goodness) once we get it on the market. Then we can hunker down at the in-laws for a month or two to save some $$, and then FINALLY start house hunting and get settled. I really hope all of this happens by April or May. And I really hope I don’t look back on that statement and tsk tsk tsk at my incredible naivety.


Random Waffle photo. Because she’s cute.

In other news, I have a FINAL project due on freaking Christmas Eve. Because I’m in a completely online program, it’s accelerated and set up a bit differently. We ALWAYS have a final paper or project due on the last Monday of the 9 week term. And that last Monday just so happens to be Christmas Eve. I am pretty much the worst procrastinator ever, but I’m really hoping I can just get that thing done early.


I’d like to experience Christmas joy on Christmas Eve.

Only 2 days of work, a long drive to Richmond and Raleigh and this damn project stand between me and a solid 10 days off from work. Time to get crackin’!

Too Many Cookies

I definitely just ate a foggy, dreary, sad, blah, long day’s worth of Christmas cookies. I worked from home today, which is a great perk of a flexible job. I love not having to commute an HOUR each way if I can help it, and it’s nice to really tackle all those computer tasks that always seem to build. However, I am NOT a fan of working at home when the neighborhood is covered in a lingering, dark fog until 2pm. It was SO dreary.


My view…dark and blah. Until 2 freaking PM!

No matter what I did today, I just kept getting sad. It was nice to have work as a distraction, but it just felt like the dreary fog was taking over my mind. I think I’m handling this crazy time in my life pretty well, but sometimes it’s hard to maintain constant positivity. I miss my little family. I miss having a routine. I miss having my own space. I know my in-laws are family, but it’s hard not being in charge of my own home, or doing things the way I do them, without having to constantly worry about how someone else perceives them. I know I’m SO LUCKY to have such a great family, but this situation is still really tough.

Tomorrow I’ve got meetings in Philly, so I’ll be out and about, which I think will be great. And the sun is supposed to be shining. I also plan to squeeze in a run if I can, since I know it will help boost my spirits. I’ve just got to keep telling myself that all this change is worth it!

Stuff. Yup, stuff.

What an original title, right? And now, a thought dump. Since I am clearly sucking at getting back into my blog…

  • We’re living with 1 dog, 2 cats and 2 chickens (outside). That’s one big happy family.
  • Grad school is going really well so far, although it’s definitely going to be a lot to handle. I’m studying integrated marketing communications and it’s completely online. I really enjoy the flexible environment and the fact that I can continue to work full time. AND I can apply a LOT of what I’m learning to my job, so that’s an awesome bonus. My classmates are smart and talented and have been fun to interact with. YAHOO!
  • Can I just get a big ole HECK YEAH for working BEFORE entering grad school??? I can’t imagine the pressure of finally getting a job after decades of schooling. I’m very thankful to have been working for a solid 5 years.

Hi Dad.

  • I seriously love this photo of me and my dad from my wedding. I sent him two boxes of Fiddle Faddle for Father’s Day. I’m pretty sure it was the perfect gift for him.
  • While I got some serious PR awesomeness in my bright blue Adidas, I suddenly had the urge to switch back to Brooks. I kind of felt like I was cheating when I made the switch to Adidas (based on the salesman’s suggestion) so I’m very excited to be back in Brooks. They just feel like the right brand for me. And I LOVE their slogan, Run Happy. So, so true. So yeah, I am now the proud (and HAPPY) owner of these babies:

Heaven in a shoe does exist.

Brooks Pure Cadence in neon pink. They are awesome to look at, and even more awesome to run in. I sort of broke some “rules” of running by running for these for the very first time at a 5 mile race. But I PR’d so I’m not complaining. I love that they are kind of a happy medium between a “Free” shoe and a shoe with a little more support. The adidas just felt so BIG on my feet…like I was hauling around bricks.

  • I signed up for the VA Beach Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on September 3rd. It will be my first RnR race, and I’m super excited! I’ve done several races in VA Beach and love the FLATNESS. One of my good friends is running too, so we’ll get to experience the RnR hype together. I had to choose a half to run around the end of August/early Sept to work in to my marathon training plan, and I’m so happy this RnR race is going to work out!


That’s it for this dump – hope to keep it up throughout the summer!


Playing Catch Up. And an Injury. Womp Womp.

So I have two races to recap. Two glorious, amazing and personal best races.

But I’m kind of in a funk. Exactly 2 days after the Tobacco Road Half Marathon I got a mysterious neck injury. This baby came out of no where and it SUCKS.

I’ve been to the chiropractor (I literally could not sleep because of the pain) and he explained that my neck is straight…basically it’s missing the natural curve. And one of the vertebrae in my neck is kind of twisted weirdly. In a nutshell, it hurts. So now I’m going to need regular adjustments to put everything back in place. In the meantime I will just have to live with the pain (no scary pain meds for me, thanks) and lay off the running, working out, functioning normally.

These aren’t my X-rays, but this is what it looks like. The pic on the left is what my neck looks like. It’s straight. It should look like the pic on the right.

It’s depressing. I haven’t been able to run for an entire week and I already feel like a waste of space. I don’t know what to do with myself. I need running!! The worst part is that this could take a l.o.n.g time to fix. I can (sort of) live with the pain, but I want to be able to run and do BodyPump.

Right now my goal is to be back to normal by June 2. That’s when the Marathon Training Team starts for the Richmond Marathon. I WILL be on that team. Two whole months of recovery should be enough…right?!

So yeah. That’s where things are right now. I’m looking forward to writing two glorious race recaps. It’s kind of like living through it again. Roanoke Canal 8k recap will be live in the morning!

Until then, cheers to recovery and healing…

BodyPump and Long Runs DO NOT MIX

At least not for me…I am SORE. And it’s already been two days since I did that.

I had a work event all day on Saturday and was on the go for 12 hours (including the drive there and back), so I saved my workouts for Sunday. Normally I like to do my run on Saturday so all I have to worry about on Sunday is BodyPump. It’s good to keep those things separate. However, this weekend I decided to do my normal Sunday BodyPump class at 2:15 followed by my 8 miler at 3:45 so I could fit everything in.

The new release of BodyPump is killer but I really like it. The music is good and the tracks have really made me feel the burn in new ways. The shoulder track is probably my favorite because the music is so darn weird. The lunge track HURTS and my legs were burning when I left the class. I should have known throwing 8 miles into the mix would be painful.

But I sucked it up and did it anyway. All things considered it was a great run, even though my fingers got a little frozen by the end. But I am STILL sore. Maybe I should learn to stretch…

I seriously hope this is putting me on a path to a sub-2 half marathon. I felt strong throughout the run and think I could have gone quite a bit faster. However I am NOT risking injury!!

After all this pumping and running I took Monday off since I could barely walk. My inner thighs were particularly mean. Today I did a nice and easy 5 miler to try and shake things out a bit.

I don’t think I could have run that first mile any faster. My legs were like lead!! Happy to get those miles in though..

As I was running I came across a major pet peeve of mine. FOUR women were walking side by side on the path in Bryan Park…they were taking up the ENTIRE thing! There was really no way for me to get around them without running off the path. They were so into their conversation that I don’t think they heard me coming. I even tried intentionally running on leaves and clearing my throat. I’m pretty sure I freaked them out as I ran past on the edge of the path. I hope they didn’t get hit by any bikers.

Path ladies.

They are kind of hard to see in that photo, but I had to document the moment. I decided to take a picture pretty far away so I wouldn’t completely freak them out if they turned around. Share the road!


Tomorrow’s supposed to be 70 and sunny. I’m crossing my fingers for the chance to run outside again! Let’s just hope my aching muscles can handle it…

Work drinks

My collection of work-time beverages.


Coffee, lemon water and a McFlurry.


WordPress is eating my posts!

I spent a solid chunk of time writing an epic recap of my purchases at the J.Crew Warehouse sale and the whole thing got eaten by the internet. LAME.

I’ll try again later…

Happy Times

Christmas #1 has come and gone.

Brian and I traveled up to Philly for a nice long weekend with his family. Lots of food, lots of people, lots of gifts. It was a little weird being away from my family for the holiday, but it was nice to be part of a new set of traditions. Best gift of Christmas so far?

Time for some heavy duty baking.

My MIL gave me this! We didn’t get one as a wedding gift, and she’s insisted we need one. This is the heavy duty version…like the kind they have in REAL restaurants. So far I’ve made one bangin’ batch of chocolate chip cookies and hope to try pizza dough soon.

I vow to be good in the kitchen.

Brian and I also squeezed in a nice hilly/muddy 5 miler while up in PA. He likes to show me his old running stomping grounds, so of course we ended up running through the forest. Thanks to a MASSIVE rainstorm the night before, it was a messy run through the muck and mud. Oh, and hillly. What’s new PA?


I have the whole week off from work (YAY!), so now I’m down in NC to start Christmas celebrations #2 with my family. Brian is heading down soon and we’ll have another Christmas morning. I’m pretty much using the week to relax, read books, play with my mixer, write wedding thank you notes, and run. What a life…

And in other superexcitingawesomeamazing news….I FOUND MY GARMIN. It’s been missing since the half marathon and it’s been a sad thing. Thank goodness for my RunKeeper app on the iPhone.

Time to end the randomness. Next up, NYE!

I’ll take a Magna Doodle and a Dear Diary please

My dad recently came across an OLD Christmas list that I had written. I must have been 10 or 11 when this gem of a list formulated in my mind.

In case you can’t read that, I wanted:

  1. Bugs Bunny Stuffed Toy ($19.99…that’s INSANE)
  2. Magna Doodle ($11.99)
  3. Nerf Sneak Shot Blaster ($17.99)…yeah, I’m cool.
  4. Dear Diary ($29.99). 90’s blogging!
  5. Nightmare Before Christmas ($13.99)
  6. Maniac Mouse ($11.99)
  7. Thunder Strike 10 ($17.99)
  8. Incredible Edibles Gross-E-Ries Maker ($24.99)
  9. Aladdin and Sonic Spin Ball Game Gear Games ($34.99 and $29.99)
  10. Super NES Jurrassic Park ($42.99)

Seriously, a MAGNA DOODLE?? That’s a Fisher Price toy for little kids…


And apparently this commercial had a really big impact on me…

And this was like SOOOOO high tech…

I would have been bored in 3 seconds with this thing.

I can’t actually remember receiving any of these gifts. Maybe Nightmare Before Christmas? Surprises were always better anyway. I have a faint memory of staring at the Toys R Us catalog and just writing down everything I saw. I was destined to be a nerd and I love it.