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Miss this guy.

I’m currently living 4 hours away from my husband. It’s been this way for almost a month, and it’s tough.

When I got the job in Philly it was a no-brainer that we would move. We’ve always wanted to raise a family here, but never had the right reason to leave. And now, that reason is here. It’s always seemed like such a dream, such a far off wish, that I never really thought about what it would be like. Bri couldn’t up and leave as quickly as we’d hoped since he was in the middle of a huge project at work. It just wouldn’t be right for him to quit like that, and we didn’t want to lose his salary when he didn’t have something else lined up in Philly.

So now he’s on a perpetual job hunt while I live with his parents up in PA. It’s SO great to have a free place to live while we get things figured out, but it is tough. I miss him dearly. It’s weird how much you miss someone when you’re suddenly taken away, even if you know it’s only temporary. And we’re still “newlyweds” to boot. We should be living up this time of our lives together.

The plan at this point is for me to go on a crazy packing spree in our Richmond house in the week between Christmas and NYE (I have the week off from work, thank God). We’ll get it ready to list in early February, so it HOPEFULLY sells first thing in the spring. Bri will move up to Philly as soon as the house sells, or he gets a job up here, whichever happens first. I’m going balls to the walls getting that house ready to sell, because at least I have SOME control over that.

If we do sell and he hasn’t found something up here yet, we’ll live with his parents until he’s firmly on his feel. Luckily he works in a field that is in high demand, so we’re hoping the process isn’t too painful…

In the mean time, I’m thankful that I miss him like I do. It solidifies my love for him, and the fact that he really is my best friend (soooo sickeningly sappy, but true, and I don’t want to ever forget it). These next weeks and months are going to be HARD (holy hell I’m in a brand new city, in a new job, living with the in-laws, don’t know my way around, am trying to adjust, am taking grad school classes, am trying to stay in good running shape, and am doing it all without my husband), but I know it will all be awesome in the end…


Marathon Training Team

I bit the bullet and signed up for the Sportsbacker’s Marathon Training team. I absolutely LOVED my experiences with the Half Marathon Training Team and figured I’d need the support system to get me through 26.2. It’s crazy that our first training run was yesterday and the race isn’t until NOVEMBER. Hard to imagine training for that amount of time, but I’m motivated and ready to do it. I’m sure it’s going to have major ups and downs, but I’m ready for the challenge regardless.

Yesterday we started with an “easy” 4 miler. It was the longest run I’ve done since the half in March. It’s really frustrating to basically be back at square one, but I’m hoping to bounce back quickly. I looked back at some of my Garmin reports from HMTT and I seem to always have a crappy run on the first day of training. Guess I just need to get it out of my system.

Fake smile, but still happy to embrace a new challenge. Photo from MTT week 1.

We also picked up our extensive training plan booklets and I’ve since coordinated the runs with my current schedule. It looks like I’m probably better off joining the Sunday long run group, otherwise I’ll end up having to do some of the really long runs alone (work stuff conflicts several times on Saturdays).

I finished the 4 miles at about a 9:55 pace. SO depressing after completing a half marathon in under 2 hours. I’m still amazed I was able to do that. The goal for this marathon is to FINISH, and not get injured during the training.

Only 159 days until I’m standing at the starting line!

Race Dilemma

This is a doozy of a dilemma for me. In the grander scheme of life it’s no big deal, but in the confines of my race schedule, it’s a doozy.

I am currently scheduled to run two races on Saturday, March 31. One is in Richmond and one is in Philly. BOO!!

I signed up for the Monument 10k a while ago (and even got into a seeded wave!!!!!!) since I’ve participated in that run for the past several years. Really, it’s kind of become a tradition. I’m also excited about the possibility of destroying my previous 10k PR of 57-something. The Monument 10k is such a fun (yet insanely crowded) race so it was really a no-brainer for me to register again this year.

Chugging along at last year's Monument 10k

That is until the Philadelphia Phillies announced the date of their uber popular 5k: MARCH 31. NOOOOOO.

Since I participated in the inaugural Phillies 5k last year, I was offered the opportunity to sign up an hour before regular registration opened. A bib in this race is like liquid goal (not entirely sure if that makes sense…but ya know what I mean). It sold out last year in less than a day, so I knew I had to snatch up a spot just out of sheer principle. Also, the Phillies 5k allows bib transfers, so I knew it wouldn’t be a total loss even if I don’t end up running.

I heart Philly (despite the cold).

So does question about which race he'll be running.

As it stands I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll end up doing. So far I have these dilemmas…

  • We’re going up to Philly the weekend before (or after? I don’t remember) the race, so that’s a whole lot of back and forth.
  • This would be the 5th year in a row I run Monument. That’s pretty cool.
  • The Phillies race is HALF the distance of Monument…I’m aiming for a sub-2 hour half just 2 weeks before these races, so maybe the 5k is a better option for me physically.
  • Brian’s definitely running Philly, and it’s nice (and rare) to run races with him.
  • I really want the Phillies 5k technical shirt to wear to fall games.
  • I just have to wake up and make my way downtown to run in Monument…I have to drive all the way to Philly and likely not get much sleep the night before the 5k.
  • None of my friends live on Monument Ave anymore…so we don’t really have a place to call home base for the after-race party. Brian won’t be there anyway…
  • Probably won’t have a cheer section at either race, but at least Monument is CRAZY throughout the entire run.
  • I can transfer the Phillies bib, but will definitely take a monetary loss on the Monument bib.
  • I’m seeded in Monument -COOL!
  • Monument is so ridiculously crowded…it’s borderline not fun.

BLAH! So much back and forth. At least I’ve got some time to decide!

Why Can’t I Kick My Own Butt?

It’s Friday. I went to the gym after work…seriously, who am I?

That’s cool and all, but it was actually a total failure. There’s just something about the treadmill that totally demotivates me lately. I wanted to get in a 3 mile hill workout but ended up just doing 2.1 miles of straight UPHILL. Apparently that’s not the best way of going about hills and I had to couldn’t stop myself from throwing in the towel a mile early. Boo.

Then I moved on to a few machines with the intention of getting in some solid strength training instead. I got through chest reps and some lat exercises and then threw in the towel again. So not feeling it tonight.

As I was leaving the gym I realized something. I am completely incapable of kicking my own butt. I need a plan, a coach, a team, a class…SOMETHING to tell me what to do. That’s why BodyPump works for me. It’s an hour of planned and coached strength training with no need for me to think about what to do next. And that’s why the training team got me through two half marathons and a PR. Eureka!

I seriously can’t believe I haven’t thought about this sooner. I need to stick to classes and a solid running training plan and I’ll be A-OK.

Lightbulb moments are the best…

I'm figuring this running ish OUT!!!


Race Bummer and Race Win

I’ve been mentally planning to run a half marathon the weekend of March 17th for a long time now. I felt great after the half in November, and knew I needed a race to keep me motivated and running through the winter.

However, what I did NOT consider was the fact that races have this little thing call CAPACITY. And, lo and behold, the race I had my eye on is completely sold out. No Shamrock Half for me. Major bummer. When I first saw this on the race website I figured I could just run the Rock and Roll USA Half in DC instead, but it turns out that race is on the 17th – a Saturday – and I have a work event to attend. Major bummer number 2.

I’ve been training for a half on March 18th but wasn’t actually signed up for anything. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb!

What’s a girl to do?

Turn to Running In the USA and find a freaking race on March 18th!!!

And that’s just what I did. And boy did I find a good one (at least I hope so). In fact, I think this race might be BETTER for me than both the Shamrock and the USA race. Behold…

I'm doing the HALF.

I know absolutely nothing about this race except for the fact that it happens on March 18th in Cary, NC. And why is this race a better option for me than the other two? My parents just closed on a new condo in Raleigh, NC that is about 15 minutes from the start of this race. No hotel rooms to pay for and no outrageous Rock and Roll prices to pay for entry. And my family will get to cheer me on. Win. Win. Win.

I’m hoping this race is flat and interesting. I also hope the weather stays nice and cool…NC can be tricky sometimes. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this is my time to shine for a SUB 2 HOUR HALF!

I celebrated my race registration with a speedy (for me) 4 miler on this lovely 63 degree afternoon. Yes, it was 32 on Sunday and 63 today. Thanks Virginia.

I felt fantastic the entire run, I think because I have a real RACE to run towards now.

Negative splits…who am I?!

Thinking about crossing the finish line makes me a very happy lady.

Monument Action

BAM. I’m registered for the Monument Avenue 10k. Officially the first race I’m registered for this year. And the best part? My Phillies 5k time just barely squeezed me into a SEEDED WAVE. I never in a million bajillion years thought I’d be able to be seeded. I even had like 15 seconds to spare before I would have had to register for a non-seeded wave.

Last year's race. I'm such a whacko.

That means I won’t have to weave through the THOUSANDS of people who run/do/walk this race. Last year I literally had to run around people who were literally stopped in the middle of the street while literally talking on a cell phone while literally dressed as every character from Angry Birds. Literally. This year I should be DONE with the race before those peeps even start.

The Monument 10k was one of the very first races I ever ran, way back in 2008. I’ve done it every year since and have progressively gotten faster. My race photos, however, have progressively gotten worse:

2008. Rainy but happy. And heel striking like whoa.

2009. The bro and me actin' a fool.

2010: I swear I normally know how to dress myself.

2011: Ewww but I got a PR.

This race is a Richmond tradition and I’m excited to be part of it again. I plan to dress a little more normally and hopefully not look so miserable the entire time (weaving around people dressed as birds will do that to a girl). March 31, here I come..sub 55 or bust!

A New Year and a Resolution

I’m a little late to the New Year bandwagon…I spent the majority of Sunday on the couch and today Brian and I massively cleaned and organized the house. We’re FINALLY getting all of our wedding/Christmas gifts put away. Tomorrow I’m lugging a car-full of stuff to Goodwill. It feels so good to purge at the beginning of the year!

Backtrack…I managed to squeeze in a quick 4 miler before the NYE festivities began. It was a wonderful way to end my running year. My resolution for 2011 was to run 10 races, and I accomplished that AND became a much better runner. It felt good to get a final run in.

Probably my last RunKeeper run for a while. I've missed my Garmin!!

After a quick dinner and 2.5 hours of primping, Brian, his cousin and I headed to a local bar to ring in the new year. Our friends rented it out for the night and for $45 we had access to an open beer/wine/champagne bar. Compared to most “all-inclusive” NYE shindigs, this was a pretty good deal.

In a nutshell, we had fun:

Running buddies (we were running in this pic...obviously)

So much fun was had in fact, that we spent the entire next day sprawled out on the couch watching a House marathon. Bliss.

Today was spent massively organizing the house. We have the downstairs tamed and tackled, as well as our bedroom, but still have the guest room and office to conquer. I shudder just thinking about it.

On to the obligatory resolution making.

This year my resolution is to run a marathon. And maybe I’ll take on 12 races to continue my racing trend. I’ve proven to myself that I am capable of keeping running-related resolutions, so I’m going to stick with that. I have my eyes set on the SunTrust Richmond Marathon in November…the course is in my backyard, so I have access to it easily. I’ll also be able to join the training team, which conveniently meets 30 seconds from my house. And the BEST part about the whole marathon thing?

Brian has agreed to run it with me.

He makes running look HOTTT

Color me shocked. However I did have to bribe him a little…I said if he ran with me, he doesn’t have to get me a gift for any holiday/celebration/birthday in 2012. He can just pay for race entry fees and run along with me. Win win.

2012 is gonna be epic…

HMT Week 1 Adjustments

I had big plans for my first week of Half Marathon Training.

Here’s what I aimed to do:

I ended up completely skipping all workouts on Monday. I totally forgot that Brian’s cousin was coming in to town for work, and we planned to have dinner with her. I usually add this kind of thing to my calendar, but it literally slipped my mind. By the time I remembered she was coming it was too late to squeeze in a workout. That put me at -1 Spin and -1 Bodypump for the week. Not such a good start.

I managed to make it to Wine and Dash on Tuesday (just barely!) but bailed on my Wednesday run. I spent the ENTIRE day driving around Richmond delivering cupcake invites for a work event and I was completely exhausted by the time I got home. And we had our final priest meeting at 6:30 so it was dark by the time I got home. I felt tired from the day’s work, so I didn’t mind taking a rest day.

Thursday I managed to squeeze in 3 miles after volleyball, so I caught up a bit. I also scratched working out on Friday. I did my Saturday AM run and plan to go to BodyPump today. So my ACTUAL workouts look like this:

Honestly, not too happy with this, but I did have to make some adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances. I plan to work really hard in week 2, and FORCE MYSELF to do some freaking strength training. I have several Groupons/Living Social deals to fitness-related places, so I am going to see what strength classes work with my schedule.

In other news, pics from the training team are up! I love that the team comes with a photographer…it’s fun to look at the photos week by week. Here are the two he managed to snap of me.

I heart purple. And running with friends!

Feeling like all sorts of crap.

My plan for this week is to run in the early AM on Thursday. Time to start that transition into a morning runner. Major UGG. But hopefully it will make the Saturday long runs a lot more tolerable.

Time to feed my belly and prep for PUMP!