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Work drinks

My collection of work-time beverages.


Coffee, lemon water and a McFlurry.


Happiness in a Photo

Fresh flowers ($3.99 at Trader Joes…hell yes).



Happy Hump Day to me.

Face Pillows

Wow. I can’t put the awesomeness of this product into words.

I stumbled upon this a few weeks ago. Usually I use one of the Aveeno scrubs, but this called to me. It feels like pillows on your face. Go forth and ensure eternal facial bliss.

Also, I run bandit-ed a race. And I ran through the forest. Those compelling deets to come…

Perks of Working from Home

  • Coffee whenever I want it (for free!)
  • Peace and quiet
  • A snuggly cat to keep me warm

It’s only once a week, but I really love the productivity of working from home – especially because it happens on Mondays. I can be more relaxed which tends to help me get things done. I do get distracted when Deuce goes crazy and wants my attention, but thankfully a good snuggle usually calms him down. The only downside to working from home? Lack of human interaction. As soon as Brian walks in the door at 5 I am ready to talk and hang out and goof off and gossip and all he wants to do is sit on the couch and veg out.

Tonight we plan to head to a NEW restaurant near our house…it’s opening day! Full report to follow…

Saturday Night Joys

How I spent my Saturday night….


Pure awesome

Please excuse the poor iPhone quality. But let’s be hones, you can expect to see a lot of iPhone photos. That’s just how I roll.

Items in this photo:

  • Malbec (straight out of the box..yes box. I have 4 bottles of the stuff at my disposal at anytime. And it’s through a SPIGOT!)
  • Vitatop (healthy chocolate)
  • New Keurig coffee maker (this is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the AM)
  • Christmas decor that needs to be put away
  • Spilled flour from my totallyawesomeamazing corn chowder I made tonight (cleaning on a Saturday is FORBIDDEN)
  • Paper towels (self explanatory)
  • A scary looking claw (actually just a spoon/ladle for pasta)
  • A Chinese ceramic item (straight from Shanghai where the BF’s bro & sister-in-law currently reside)

Ugh I can’t believe today marks the end of my epic holiday vacation. Le sigh.