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Recent Runs

I totally slacked on getting in my scheduled 5 miler this past Saturday. I had a wedding to attend that day, and out of town guests staying with us, so I opted to push it to Sunday.

I ended up getting a nasty bout of IBS fun at the wedding, so my stomach felt a little off come Sunday morning. However, I forced myself to hit the pavement in an effort to stick to the schedule. I was able to use my Garmin, but now I can’t find the little updater stick thing!! Boo. I finished the run with a 9:22 or so average pace, but can’t show you the splits. Decent for me, especially with a tummy on the rocks.

Monday was BodyPump and Tuesday was my attempt at a treadmill 400 repeat run. I managed to do the fast 400s at a 7:53 pace and held on for 3 miles of repeats. I think I finished the 3 miles around 8:30 pace overall.

Yesterday was BodyPump followed by my attempt at a treadmill hill workout. Can you tell I’m trying to switch things up? I managed to increase the elevation by 2.0 every .25 miles for a solid 2 miles, then I took it down 2.o for another .25 and then for the last .75 ran flat. I kind of hated the whole hill thing, but I’m glad I did it. My pace was an average of 9:50.

Blah to hills.

I REALLY wish there was a 10k for me to run this weekend since I have 6 miles planned, but I guess I’ll have to go at it alone!

Happy Friday the 13th!!

Here's a weird dog to make you smile on this unlucky day!

Get Up and Go

I had a horrible night’s sleep last night.

I woke up multiple times for no apparent reason and was also so kindly visited by Aunt Flo (TMI ugg). I was SO tempted to stay in bed when 7:30am rolled around, but my dad and I had plans to hit up the gym. They offer an 8:30am BodyPump class that I really didn’t want to pass up. I SERIOUSLY considered bailing on our excursion, but it’s not like the option of a nap is entirely out of the picture on vacation…so I got my butt outta bed.

This couldn’t be any more true…

I really wish I had the willpower to work out in the mornings before work. It’s so hard to get motivated! Why can’t I just get it through my head that I will ALWAYS feel better after a workout?!

I digress. So the BodyPump class had exactly 3 students and was quite fabulous. The instructor was German and was blasting techno tracks the entire time. However, I was completely thrown off by the fact that their weights were in kilograms instead of pounds. I have no idea how much I was lifting. It’s interesting to see how another gym handles their BodyPumping.

After sufficiently burning out my muscles, I hopped on the treadmill for a brisk 4 miler. I recently discovered (thanks DailyMile) that I’m only 12 miles shy of running 500 miles for the year! So now I must accomplish that goal…4 miles today, 4 tomorrow, and 4 on NYE. It will be done. I finished today’s 4 in 35:30 – a great run for me!

I forgot to mention another of my fav Christmas presents: a new Under Armour running top. It’s heavenly. Kind of fleecy on the inside and comes complete with thumb holes. Swoon.

I look haggard, but the top is cute.

Time to tackle some wedding thank yous! Oh and happy 2 months of marriage to me and the hubster!!

Tempo Time and Group Runs

According to my 10k training manual a tempo run should go like this:

“A tempo run is a continuous run with a buildup in the middle to a near race pace. Be sure not to run faster than your 10k pace. A tempo run of 30 minutes would begin with a 10 minute warm-up of easy running, then slowly increasing the pace throughout the next 15 minutes, and finally slowing down in the last 5 minutes.”

Considering that I just got my training packet today, and I did my tempo run in Thursday, I’m pretty proud to admit that I must be psychic. I literally did exactly what the manual says, simply by Google-ing tempo and crossing my fingers. I knew I had to start slow, speed up, and slow down and I did the 10, 15, 5 min thing just by pure psychic-ness.

I went from two hours of volleyball directly to the dreadmill to get this run in, so I was pretty beat by the end. Here’s what I did:

Minutes 0-10: 6.0, 10 min/mile

Minutes 10-25: 6.3, 9:31 min/mile

Minutes 25-30: 6.0, 10 min/mile

This morning I woke up to join the 10k training team at a local YMCA. It ended up being GREAT, despite the 30 degree weather. I think I wore 1 too many layers, but at least I’ll know for next time. The training team has walker, novice and intermediate divisions and I put myself in intermediate with about 8 other people. I ended up finishing along with 1 other lady in front of everyone!! I NEVER finish first, so that was pretty awesome. We weren’t super speedy but we pushed through and it felt great. And even better, I had absolutely no IT Band pain. I kept it pretty slow and steady, so I think that helped.

The Polar Plunge 5k is just 1 week away!! I really want to finish in under 30 minutes, so hopefully I can bang out those 3.1 miles like I did mile 4 of today’s run 🙂

Random picture time!

St. Patrick’s Day 2008. I wore PJs (that pink thing) and Brian drank a lot of beer. Good times.

Mill of Dread

Also known as the dreadmill. Or the treadmill.


I find it difficult to spend more than 3-4 miles on the dreadmill. I don’t typically run with music, but I really have no choice when I run at the gym. It’s super awkward to be running next to someone and have to listen to their breathing or grunting. No thanks. I like to zone out to David Guetta radio on Pandora. It’s much more pleasant than caveman grunts.

Anywizz – yesterday I ran 2 solid, fast (for me) miles and finished in 18:45. Then I hopped in the car and drove across town to a yoga class that I got off of Living Social (probably the best deal site EVER. Sorry Groupon). The class was fun, but not very challenging. We mostly focused on breathing and doing some very basic poses. I’m slightly sore in places that I’ve never felt before (like the area above my hip bones, whatever that is) but overall I didn’t feel much of a burn. I have three more classes left from my purchase, so I’m hoping to attend a different genre of yoga next.

Today is a rest day according to my 10k training plan, so I’m doing just that: sittin here all cool in my nerd glasses and eating reese’s cups like they’re my job. Tomorrow calls for a 30 minute tempo run, so I’ll probably need to do some Googling to figure out exactly what that entails.

For now I leave you with an obligatory blog post photo.

Ultra nerd classes c/o NYE 2009.