Monthly Archives: August 2013

Friday Funk?!

It’s Friday…I feel like I should be jumping for joy. But for some reason I feel this sense of dread/sadness/blah creeping over me. What gives?!

I feel like I go through these days rather often, and I’m not sure how to stop it. There are times that I feel SUPER AWESOME and ready to take on the world. I see my life in a really positive light and feel grateful and hopeful and excited. But then there are other moments and days, like today, where I just can’t shake the cloud. I can’t even really pinpoint what it is that makes me feel this way. Is it the overcast weather? The fact that I am frustrated by my job? That I don’t have any close friends in the area? That my family is far away? That the litter box needs changing, the bathroom needs scrubbing and I haven’t showered yet today?

I wish I knew what it was that was making me feel this reoccurring funk. I would nip it in the bud and move on with my life. Life is too short to feel this way on a regular basis. How do I maximize the awesome moments? How can I start LIVING my life with a perpetual sense of YAHOOAWESOMERAINBOWS?!

I turn 29 in a few weeks and want to put the funk behind me for good. It’s time to figure it out once and for all!

The Happy Emptiness.
The Happy.
The Funk Cloud.
The Funk Cloud.

Happiness please.