2013 Here We Come

How is it already 5 days into the New Year??

The past two years I’ve had some pretty solid new year’s goals (not so much resolutions…those are too harsh), and I attained both of them. In 2011 I decided I wanted to run 11 races. In 2012 I decided I wanted to run a marathon. Done and done, and I loved these goals!

So where does that leave me in 2013? Should I try for 13 races? Attempt a PR? Aim for something totally unrelated to running? I’m still kind of up in the air about what I want 2013 to look like, so goal setting is rather challenging. But here are a few ideas…

  • Focus on strength training. I’m not sure how well this goal will work out, since I do MUCH better with solid, concrete goals. This might be too abstract. But I really want to get into some form of exercise that focuses on strength. I’ve tried CrossFit (I’m still a little nervous about my ability to stick to it..) and love BodyPump. Sadly the gym I’m currently a member of doesn’t offer classes, but I don’t want to join a fancy gym until we know where we’ll be living permanently.
  • Take a pre-natal vitamin. Babies are still in the decent future for us, but I’d like to start getting my body in tip-top shape for when it does happen. I’ll be 29 in September, so we’ve started to talk about a serious time line. It makes me super excited, nervous and giddy all at once. I’m ALMOST ready for that next part of our life, but still want a bit more time to enjoy the newlywed phase.
  • Set aside serious $ in the baby fund. I’ve heard through the grapevine that babes are expensive little money suckers, so we’d like to get a decent chunk of change set aside. Even if that means sucking it up for a few months living with the in-laws. It’d be great to not have a housing payment for a few months!!
  • Go on a trip. Not just a vacation. I want to see and experience new things…not just sit around by a pool. While I love that, and certainly need it every now and then, I want to go somewhere awesome with Brian. This might conflict directly with the “save more $ for baby” thing…
  • Quit buying cheap clothing that I sort of like but isn’t actually great for my body and turns to crap quickly. I’m 28. It’s time to get my act together in terms of my wardrobe. I’m no longer in the market for stuff from Forever 21. I love a good deal, but I need to stop wasting $ on lots of cheap stuff, and invest in one or two pieces every now and then.
  • Sell a house, buy a house, and settle in Philly. God this needs to happen sooner rather than later!!
  • And in the running world…I want to get another sub 2 half marathon, and PR in the 10k.
  • I also want to learn how to cook at least 3 new dishes this year. Yes, I have low expectations, but this is probably all I can realistically handle. And I want to learn to cook these dishes WELL and consistently.

ImageI’m excited about 2013!!

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