Goodbye 2012!

2012, you’ve been good to me.

I loved that I managed to blog somewhat spontaneously throughout 2012. It’s great to re-read my memories, accomplishments, troubles, good times, bad times, milestones…all that jazz. When I think about 2012, I think of change.

It was my first full year as a married woman (gosh I sound old).


It was the year of running PRs in the 5k, 5 miler and half marathon.



It was the year I ran my first (and what is sure to be my only) marathon.



It was the year our family grew by one Waffle.


It’s also the year I started grad school, made a big career move, made a big LIFE move, started to live with my in-laws in the crazy transition stage, discovered my love for lululemon and hot yoga, realized positivity will take me places, became confident in my abilities in the workplace, and continued to appreciate my family more and more. And, in all that squishy stuff, I had some awesome nights out with friends, kicked ass with my volleyball team, traveled to a few new places, laughed endlessly with my husband, drank wine by the fire pit on numerous occasions, snuggled with my crazy animal family, and still didn’t learn how to cook. All in in, 2012 was a bangin’ year. And, if I can have my way, 2013 will be even more awesome.


Hey world, you’re my oyster.

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