A Move in the Right Direction

YAHOO! The hubs has an interview in the Philly area!! Perhaps the days of our long distance marriage are finally numbered…

Next up, packing up our entire house as quickly as possible, so we can get that baby on the market. I am REALLY hoping it sells quickly (all signs point to yes, thank goodness) once we get it on the market. Then we can hunker down at the in-laws for a month or two to save some $$, and then FINALLY start house hunting and get settled. I really hope all of this happens by April or May. And I really hope I don’t look back on that statement and tsk tsk tsk at my incredible naivety.


Random Waffle photo. Because she’s cute.

In other news, I have a FINAL project due on freaking Christmas Eve. Because I’m in a completely online program, it’s accelerated and set up a bit differently. We ALWAYS have a final paper or project due on the last Monday of the 9 week term. And that last Monday just so happens to be Christmas Eve. I am pretty much the worst procrastinator ever, but I’m really hoping I can just get that thing done early.


I’d like to experience Christmas joy on Christmas Eve.

Only 2 days of work, a long drive to Richmond and Raleigh and this damn project stand between me and a solid 10 days off from work. Time to get crackin’!

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