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The Face of Freedom

Obviously this photo deserves its own post. Waffle, we love you. Really, really love you.

Stuff. Yup, stuff.

What an original title, right? And now, a thought dump. Since I am clearly sucking at getting back into my blog…

  • We’re living with 1 dog, 2 cats and 2 chickens (outside). That’s one big happy family.
  • Grad school is going really well so far, although it’s definitely going to be a lot to handle. I’m studying integrated marketing communications and it’s completely online. I really enjoy the flexible environment and the fact that I can continue to work full time. AND I can apply a LOT of what I’m learning to my job, so that’s an awesome bonus. My classmates are smart and talented and have been fun to interact with. YAHOO!
  • Can I just get a big ole HECK YEAH for working BEFORE entering grad school??? I can’t imagine the pressure of finally getting a job after decades of schooling. I’m very thankful to have been working for a solid 5 years.

Hi Dad.

  • I seriously love this photo of me and my dad from my wedding. I sent him two boxes of Fiddle Faddle for Father’s Day. I’m pretty sure it was the perfect gift for him.
  • While I got some serious PR awesomeness in my bright blue Adidas, I suddenly had the urge to switch back to Brooks. I kind of felt like I was cheating when I made the switch to Adidas (based on the salesman’s suggestion) so I’m very excited to be back in Brooks. They just feel like the right brand for me. And I LOVE their slogan, Run Happy. So, so true. So yeah, I am now the proud (and HAPPY) owner of these babies:

Heaven in a shoe does exist.

Brooks Pure Cadence in neon pink. They are awesome to look at, and even more awesome to run in. I sort of broke some “rules” of running by running for these for the very first time at a 5 mile race. But I PR’d so I’m not complaining. I love that they are kind of a happy medium between a “Free” shoe and a shoe with a little more support. The adidas just felt so BIG on my feet…like I was hauling around bricks.

  • I signed up for the VA Beach Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on September 3rd. It will be my first RnR race, and I’m super excited! I’ve done several races in VA Beach and love the FLATNESS. One of my good friends is running too, so we’ll get to experience the RnR hype together. I had to choose a half to run around the end of August/early Sept to work in to my marathon training plan, and I’m so happy this RnR race is going to work out!


That’s it for this dump – hope to keep it up throughout the summer!



It’s time to formally introduce Waffle.

Waffle is a 9lb Yorkie and is about 1 year, 4 months old. We rescued her from a not-so-great situation. I was going to tell her whole back story, but I think it suffices to say that she’s a much happier and cared for pet now! She is probably the happiest dog I’ve ever met. Added bonus? She RARELY barks. Only at the cats when she wants to play (and even then it’s like 2 barks) or when the mail man comes to the door (typical. But again, only like 2 barks). It was a bit of an adjustment for us when we first got her, but she’s super smart and has learned so much. She adjusted to her new situation the minute she walked in the door.

She’s potty trained for the most part, but we’re still working on having her tell us when she needs to go out. She’s also learned to pee-on-demand, which I love. She’s super snuggly and loves us and the cats. But, enough words, time for photos.

Snuggle pup.

Cats and dog. What stereotypes? They love each other (and treats).

God she’s cute.

Plenty more Waffle goodness to come, I’m sure!

Marathon Training Team

I bit the bullet and signed up for the Sportsbacker’s Marathon Training team. I absolutely LOVED my experiences with the Half Marathon Training Team and figured I’d need the support system to get me through 26.2. It’s crazy that our first training run was yesterday and the race isn’t until NOVEMBER. Hard to imagine training for that amount of time, but I’m motivated and ready to do it. I’m sure it’s going to have major ups and downs, but I’m ready for the challenge regardless.

Yesterday we started with an “easy” 4 miler. It was the longest run I’ve done since the half in March. It’s really frustrating to basically be back at square one, but I’m hoping to bounce back quickly. I looked back at some of my Garmin reports from HMTT and I seem to always have a crappy run on the first day of training. Guess I just need to get it out of my system.

Fake smile, but still happy to embrace a new challenge. Photo from MTT week 1.

We also picked up our extensive training plan booklets and I’ve since coordinated the runs with my current schedule. It looks like I’m probably better off joining the Sunday long run group, otherwise I’ll end up having to do some of the really long runs alone (work stuff conflicts several times on Saturdays).

I finished the 4 miles at about a 9:55 pace. SO depressing after completing a half marathon in under 2 hours. I’m still amazed I was able to do that. The goal for this marathon is to FINISH, and not get injured during the training.

Only 159 days until I’m standing at the starting line!

The Next Chapter

So much for April and May…

I’m back with new beginnings.

Updates of note:

  • I’m enrolled in a Master’s program
  • Classes have started
  • We rescued a dog
  • I start training for my first marathon TOMORROW

Caught up? Details and gossip to come. It’s time to get back into the blog world – I’ve missed you!


Hello. I’m Waffle, the new addition. I puked 2 seconds after this photo was taken.