Yup, Another Race

I’d MUCH rather run a race than have to plan out my own routes.

Call me lazy, but it’s just so much easier to show up and run, rather than worry about fueling, traffic, getting lost and fighting boredom. This weekend is the start of my taper week for the March 18th half. It’s also my mom’s birthday, so that means traveling will be happening. Should I squeeze in the 6 before hitting the road? Wait until I’m down there? Wait until I’m back home? Nah, I’ll just find a race. WIN.

Unfortunately there was not a single 10k that I could find anywhere remotely close to my home in VA or my parents’ place in NC. BUT I did manage to find an 8k that is happening along the route that we take to NC. Not quite 6 miles, but still totally fine for a taper.

Enter, the Roanoke Rapids Canal 8k.

It’s a super small race that actually features a half marathon. From what I’ve read, it looks like most people will be running the half and the 8k is just a bit of an after thought. Fine with me…I just need to get the miles in! I actually convinced Brian to run with me as well. Last year there were TWO people in his age group, so he thinks he might have a shot at an age group award.

The course looks really beautiful and I’m excited to support a small “local” race. I’m also pretty much guarunteed a PR, since I’ve only done 2 other 8ks ever (one was a mud/loose sand run..finished in 1:27:44 and the other was a race that I was not trained for AT ALL…finished in 56:38). I am confident I can CRUSH those times.

The only downside to this race is that we have to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to be in Roanoke Rapids in time to pick up our bibs and start the race. At least I’ll get more practice waking up super early before a race. That will come in handy for the 3:30am wake-up call on March 18th…dun dun dun!!!


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