7 Mile Redemption

After a less than stellar performance at the gym on Friday, I was determined to kick some butt on Saturday.

It was rainy, cold and generally miserable, but I pushed myself out the door.

Seriously, thank goodness for this run. I really needed it to boost my confidence! I felt good the entire time and am really happy with my splits.

When I saw that I was averaging a 9:14 overall pace at mile 6, I knew if I stepped it up in the last mile I could break 9:10. A little motivation was all it took to get me through that last mile super quickly. I’m SO HAPPY. And I’m even HAPPIER that I did the run on Saturday and not today. It’s so much grosser out today…

I did manage to wind up with some nasty hat hair though. It was like a nest after the run.

Legit afraid of combing this out...

Oh and another totally weird thing happened on this run. I was running on the road (in a quiet neighborhood) and I saw a person walking on the sidewalk up ahead of me. I am generally paranoid about EVERYONE when I run, so I kept a close eye on him as I approached. As I got about 20 feet away from the guy, he completely wiped out. Totally fell into a puddle. I immediately stopped to ask if he was OK and he was definitely flustered. He looked to be a teenager and probably just stepped on the slippery sidewalk in the wrong way. I felt bad for him because he had no idea I was there until it was too late. I think I embarrassed him. But thank goodness he was OK; it was a pretty bad fall!

And now I’m off to eat some (hopefully) delicious soup. I am trying my hand at crock pot cookery. Full report tomorrow.

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