Recent Runs

I totally slacked on getting in my scheduled 5 miler this past Saturday. I had a wedding to attend that day, and out of town guests staying with us, so I opted to push it to Sunday.

I ended up getting a nasty bout of IBS fun at the wedding, so my stomach felt a little off come Sunday morning. However, I forced myself to hit the pavement in an effort to stick to the schedule. I was able to use my Garmin, but now I can’t find the little updater stick thing!! Boo. I finished the run with a 9:22 or so average pace, but can’t show you the splits. Decent for me, especially with a tummy on the rocks.

Monday was BodyPump and Tuesday was my attempt at a treadmill 400 repeat run. I managed to do the fast 400s at a 7:53 pace and held on for 3 miles of repeats. I think I finished the 3 miles around 8:30 pace overall.

Yesterday was BodyPump followed by my attempt at a treadmill hill workout. Can you tell I’m trying to switch things up? I managed to increase the elevation by 2.0 every .25 miles for a solid 2 miles, then I took it down 2.o for another .25 and then for the last .75 ran flat. I kind of hated the whole hill thing, but I’m glad I did it. My pace was an average of 9:50.

Blah to hills.

I REALLY wish there was a 10k for me to run this weekend since I have 6 miles planned, but I guess I’ll have to go at it alone!

Happy Friday the 13th!!

Here's a weird dog to make you smile on this unlucky day!

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