J. Crew Warehouse Sale

Let’s try this again.

I’m rather annoyed that my photo/link-filled post got erased by WordPress, but I’ll give it another whirl.

Friday morning my co-worker and I arose bright and early to get in line for the J. Crew Warehouse sale just around the corner from our office. If you don’t know, a J.Crew Warehouse sale involves a massive warehouse (duh. In our case, an old, empty Borders) and THOUSANDS of J.Crew items. Basically they arrange hundreds of cardboard boxes FULL of clothing by type – there are tables of women’s dresses, women’s tops, sweaters, racks of coats, you get it. There is a set price list, regardless of how much an item originally cost. For instance, all coats are $50, all sweaters are $20 and all dresses $20. Pretty sweet.

Upon arriving at the store at 7:30am, we were greeted with a long line to get in to the 8am opening. We were about 50th in line and had no problem being in the first group to get let in. We were handed a price list and a GIANT trash bag and instructed that we could only fill 1 bag per visit and only spend $500 per visit without having to get back in line. This discourages people from buying a million items and selling them for profit on eBay.

I majorly scored at this sale. Majorly. I don’t normally lean towards J.Crew clothing (expensive and quite preppy), but I managed to find some amazing pieces that I would NEVER normally purchase.


I purchased two of these coats – one in black and one in white. They are absolutely beautiful and I can’t find a single flaw in either. A version of this coat is still available on the J.Crew website, and was originally $325. I paid $50 a pop. The version I purchased is actually the Colletta style, which is slightly different around the middle, like the orange version here.

I bought this exact dress and, like the coats, can’t find a single flaw. I’m not sure how it ended up in the Warehouse sale, other than maybe it was a sample or on a mannequin. It is from J.Crew’s suiting collection and is still available online. Originally $188, I paid $20.

This sweater dress is currently available on the Madewell website for $98. I paid $20. My dress still has some sort of weird sample sale tag on it. It’s a GIANT tag that says it’s for Madewell and lists a bunch of other random details about the dress. Other than that, the dress is in perfect shape and just needs a quick snip to remove the massive tag.

I love this gold striped top. It’s still available on the J.Crew site and was originally $98. Again, I paid $20. From what I can find, my purchase is flawless and I’ve already worn it twice!

This cashmere sweater is the only piece I purchased that has a flaw. It’s missing a button, but the extra button is still attached to the care tag. All I need to do is take it to my seamstress and get the spare button sewed on. Originally this cardigan was a whopping $178. I paid $30.

I also left the sale with two pairs of shoes (a wedge and a ballet flat) as well as a few more dresses and sweaters. I can’t find many of these items online anymore, but I’ll try to remember to snap photos when I wear them out and about! Overall, my experience at the sale was a positive one. You have to be willing to dig around a bit, but almost everything I picked up was good quality and barely any of the sizes were XXXXL or XXXXS. The best deal was by far the coat selection…I wish I had more $$ to drop and more closet space! Oh and swimwear was $3 a piece. THREE little dollars a piece!

The sale is still around through the last week of January…you can find out more here. Don’t be afraid of all the “rules” posted on that site. I didn’t have to sign anything and definitely spent time checking over all of my items before I purchased them. No place to try anything on, but if you know your sizes it’s no big deal (I didn’t purchase any bottoms for that reason. I need to try those babies on).

Shopping success!

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