Monument Action

BAM. I’m registered for the Monument Avenue 10k. Officially the first race I’m registered for this year. And the best part? My Phillies 5k time just barely squeezed me into a SEEDED WAVE. I never in a million bajillion years thought I’d be able to be seeded. I even had like 15 seconds to spare before I would have had to register for a non-seeded wave.

Last year's race. I'm such a whacko.

That means I won’t have to weave through the THOUSANDS of people who run/do/walk this race. Last year I literally had to run around people who were literally stopped in the middle of the street while literally talking on a cell phone while literally dressed as every character from Angry Birds. Literally. This year I should be DONE with the race before those peeps even start.

The Monument 10k was one of the very first races I ever ran, way back in 2008. I’ve done it every year since and have progressively gotten faster. My race photos, however, have progressively gotten worse:

2008. Rainy but happy. And heel striking like whoa.

2009. The bro and me actin' a fool.

2010: I swear I normally know how to dress myself.

2011: Ewww but I got a PR.

This race is a Richmond tradition and I’m excited to be part of it again. I plan to dress a little more normally and hopefully not look so miserable the entire time (weaving around people dressed as birds will do that to a girl). March 31, here I come..sub 55 or bust!

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