Spotlight: Wedding Flowers

I took a VERY nontraditional route when it came to our wedding flowers – specifically for the bridal party.

In fact, no flowers were involved at all. Just PAPER. Many, many people (including my own mother and our florist) thought I was crazy when I said I was having paper flowers. I think a lot of people pictured something a child would make or something uber lame.

But no. These flowers were totally awesome and I got SO MANY compliments on them.


Since the girls were wearing black, I wanted something that really popped. I toyed around with the idea of purple shoes, but the bouquets were just enough on their own. I love the hombre effect!

They look bangin’ in the bridal party shots…

Just enough pop.

The photo is a little awkward…we were FREEZING. It was like 42 and rainy. Yuck (but good luck apparently).

The guys wore individual buds, 2 of them in each of the 3 colors making up the hombre effect of the bouquet:

The florist added a little bit of greenery and a twig to complete the look.

My bouquet was made of real flowers (white roses? shows how into the real flowers I was…haha), with a few of the paper buds dispersed throughout.

Simple and very ME.

Brian wore a single white paper flower and a single white bud.

We did opt for real flowers for the reception. My mom liked the idea of SOME real flowers in her daughter’s wedding. The centerpieces were of varying heights and featured pink and purple flowers.

Black, white and shades of purple.

Funky and elegant.

You can sort of see the varying heights here.

Overall I LOVED all of the flowers, paper and real. The paper bouquets are from an Etsy shop called FlowerThyme. I had a great experience with the shop owner, Kirsten, and her product is amazingly perfect. I highly, highly recommend FlowerThyme for your paper flower needs!! Now I have a few bridesmaid’s bouquets serving as the centerpiece of my dining room table. It’s a constant reminder of our special day and it looks pretty darn fantastic!!

Oh and in case you noticed the name all over the photographs…our photographer was Katelyn James! I cannot say enough about how AWESOME and FANTASTIC she is. It’s a post in and of itself. All photos were taken by Katelyn!

I’ve got so many more wedding details to share, so I’ll keep ’em coming. Cheers!

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  1. Fun! I love how the paper flowers pop in the photos. Beautiful. 🙂

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