A New Year and a Resolution

I’m a little late to the New Year bandwagon…I spent the majority of Sunday on the couch and today Brian and I massively cleaned and organized the house. We’re FINALLY getting all of our wedding/Christmas gifts put away. Tomorrow I’m lugging a car-full of stuff to Goodwill. It feels so good to purge at the beginning of the year!

Backtrack…I managed to squeeze in a quick 4 miler before the NYE festivities began. It was a wonderful way to end my running year. My resolution for 2011 was to run 10 races, and I accomplished that AND became a much better runner. It felt good to get a final run in.

Probably my last RunKeeper run for a while. I've missed my Garmin!!

After a quick dinner and 2.5 hours of primping, Brian, his cousin and I headed to a local bar to ring in the new year. Our friends rented it out for the night and for $45 we had access to an open beer/wine/champagne bar. Compared to most “all-inclusive” NYE shindigs, this was a pretty good deal.

In a nutshell, we had fun:

Running buddies (we were running in this pic...obviously)

So much fun was had in fact, that we spent the entire next day sprawled out on the couch watching a House marathon. Bliss.

Today was spent massively organizing the house. We have the downstairs tamed and tackled, as well as our bedroom, but still have the guest room and office to conquer. I shudder just thinking about it.

On to the obligatory resolution making.

This year my resolution is to run a marathon. And maybe I’ll take on 12 races to continue my racing trend. I’ve proven to myself that I am capable of keeping running-related resolutions, so I’m going to stick with that. I have my eyes set on the SunTrust Richmond Marathon in November…the course is in my backyard, so I have access to it easily. I’ll also be able to join the training team, which conveniently meets 30 seconds from my house. And the BEST part about the whole marathon thing?

Brian has agreed to run it with me.

He makes running look HOTTT

Color me shocked. However I did have to bribe him a little…I said if he ran with me, he doesn’t have to get me a gift for any holiday/celebration/birthday in 2012. He can just pay for race entry fees and run along with me. Win win.

2012 is gonna be epic…

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