Happy Times

Christmas #1 has come and gone.

Brian and I traveled up to Philly for a nice long weekend with his family. Lots of food, lots of people, lots of gifts. It was a little weird being away from my family for the holiday, but it was nice to be part of a new set of traditions. Best gift of Christmas so far?

Time for some heavy duty baking.

My MIL gave me this! We didn’t get one as a wedding gift, and she’s insisted we need one. This is the heavy duty version…like the kind they have in REAL restaurants. So far I’ve made one bangin’ batch of chocolate chip cookies and hope to try pizza dough soon.

I vow to be good in the kitchen.

Brian and I also squeezed in a nice hilly/muddy 5 miler while up in PA. He likes to show me his old running stomping grounds, so of course we ended up running through the forest. Thanks to a MASSIVE rainstorm the night before, it was a messy run through the muck and mud. Oh, and hillly. What’s new PA?


I have the whole week off from work (YAY!), so now I’m down in NC to start Christmas celebrations #2 with my family. Brian is heading down soon and we’ll have another Christmas morning. I’m pretty much using the week to relax, read books, play with my mixer, write wedding thank you notes, and run. What a life…

And in other superexcitingawesomeamazing news….I FOUND MY GARMIN. It’s been missing since the half marathon and it’s been a sad thing. Thank goodness for my RunKeeper app on the iPhone.

Time to end the randomness. Next up, NYE!

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