THE Dress

Now that I’ve done the whole wedding thing, I can finally post about MY DRESS!

It is a Priscilla of Boston gown from the Vineyard Collection. The dress itself is called “Constance.” Unfortunately Priscilla of Boston has since gone out of business after DECADES of existence. My mom even wanted a Priscilla gown when she got married (but she was married in Tunisia so it wasn’t really realistic). The whole business closing thing happened just after my dress had been ordered, so I was not affected by anything. In fact, we managed to get my veil and some jewelery for HALF OFF the normal price when I came back in for my fitting. Score.

Thar she blows…


Too bad I only got to wear it for one day.


I actually went through a phase of regretting the purchase. I was a little subconscious of the way the bodice pushed up my armpits. However, after the fitting I was put at ease and definitely loved everything about the dress. It was comfortable, simple, elegant and timeless. It’s not the kind of style I’d look back at and think, what the hell was I thinking?!

Now I just need an excuse (other than another wedding) to wear it again!

Many, many, many more pics to come of the whole wondrous day…

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