Half Training. Literally.

I feel like I’ve been half-assing my half training this time around. However I still feel like I can PR in November.

Thanks to work events and traveling (and spray tanning) I haven’t been able to do my “long runs” on Saturday morning in a while. In fact, I’ve been to exactly TWO half marathon training team runs since the program started in early August. I’ve literally not been in Richmond for the remainder of the weekends. No wonder I’m so behind on wedding planning…

So I’ve been doing my scheduled long runs on Mondays, since I work from home and have a lot more flexibility then. I can get out of bed (or not) and start work at 7am if I want. I can use my lunch hour to run. It’s truly glorious. The only downside is that I have to provide my own fuel, water and route planning when I do these runs alone. I’d much rather run with a group and not have to lug around my hydration belt.

Thankfully I’m in town for the next three weekends and will be able to make it to the 9 miler, 10 miler, and the 6 miler drop down. I’m out of town for work for the 11 miler and I’m getting married the day of the 12 miler (yea..don’t think that run’s gonna happen). We’ll see if I’m able to make up either…

I’m still feeling surprisingly good. I’ve only been running 3 times a week and doing BodyPump 2-3 times. I did a total of ZERO strength workouts for my other two half marathons, so we’ll see if pumping iron does any good this time around. I was SO EXACT about the training plans for my last two half marathons that my laissez-faire attitude kind of scares me this time around. But I’ve been “running seriously” for over a year now and I think my base is pretty strong…I hope I can PR!!

Yesterday I ran 5 miles. Nothing special. Drop down week. 9:04 pace. Fast for me. Kept it flat. Today is WINE AND DASH so you know I’ll be extra speedy (wine really is a great motivator).

Sorry past self, future self is going to smoke you.


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