Get Out of the Car!

This morning I was on the road by 5:30am for a work event. I stopped at Einstein’s to grab a couple dozen bagels for the event and then made my way an hour west. I arrived by 6:45am did my work thang and hit the road back to Richmond by 7:45.

I was desperate for coffee by the time I was back in the city so I went to the Starbucks by my office. It was now about 8:45am. And holy moly there was a line for the drive thru wrapped around the block!! I couldn’t even get into the parking lot. There were at LEAST 17 cars in line.

Now I understand the need for coffee. It’s liquid gold. But why the HELL are these people sitting in their cars waiting and waiting when there are literally no cars actually parked in the parking lot?? I mean, hello, if there aren’t cars parked in the lot, that means the inside of the store is empty. Duh. Now I can TOTALLY understand using the drive thru if you have kids in the car, or an elderly person, or some other circumstance that would require significant effort and/or discomfort to leave the vehicle. But I seriously doubt every car in line had an issue like that..

I managed to finagle my way around the chain of laziness, parked, and entered the shop. NO ONE IN LINE. Not one single person. Nada. No wait. Nothing.

I ordered my latte and was out the door before the line of cars had moved forward even 20 feet.

I secretly hoped those people saw me go in and out. I really wanted to prove a point.

Get out of the car!!!!

Rant over.


In other news, I’m getting my very first spray tan tomorrow. I’m praying I don’t end up orange or streaky or weird.

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