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Get Out of the Car!

This morning I was on the road by 5:30am for a work event. I stopped at Einstein’s to grab a couple dozen bagels for the event and then made my way an hour west. I arrived by 6:45am did my work thang and hit the road back to Richmond by 7:45.

I was desperate for coffee by the time I was back in the city so I went to the Starbucks by my office. It was now about 8:45am. And holy moly there was a line for the drive thru wrapped around the block!! I couldn’t even get into the parking lot. There were at LEAST 17 cars in line.

Now I understand the need for coffee. It’s liquid gold. But why the HELL are these people sitting in their cars waiting and waiting when there are literally no cars actually parked in the parking lot?? I mean, hello, if there aren’t cars parked in the lot, that means the inside of the store is empty. Duh. Now I can TOTALLY understand using the drive thru if you have kids in the car, or an elderly person, or some other circumstance that would require significant effort and/or discomfort to leave the vehicle. But I seriously doubt every car in line had an issue like that..

I managed to finagle my way around the chain of laziness, parked, and entered the shop. NO ONE IN LINE. Not one single person. Nada. No wait. Nothing.

I ordered my latte and was out the door before the line of cars had moved forward even 20 feet.

I secretly hoped those people saw me go in and out. I really wanted to prove a point.

Get out of the car!!!!

Rant over.


In other news, I’m getting my very first spray tan tomorrow. I’m praying I don’t end up orange or streaky or weird.


Running Weirds

Lately, some weird things have happened to me whilst running.

Nothing TOO crazy, but still notable…

  • I got whacked in the boob with a falling acorn. I was trotting along and I swear a pissed off squirrel chucked it at me. Those things pack quite the punch.
  • My birth control patch fell off. Maybe this is TMI, but I thought I’d share anyway. I got in the shower after my 8 miler on Monday and that little patch was no where to be found. I’ve NEVER had one fall off (and I’ve worn them for 2 years), so I was surprised. It was super humid and I was sweating a lot, but that’s nothing new when it comes to running. Oh well, hopefully no one finds it…that would be kinda gross. But now I’m all sort of whacked up “schedule-wise.” I really hope this doesn’t wreak havoc on my skin or emotions..
  • My kneecap felt like it moved. After my run yesterday my right knee felt so weird. It wasn’t painful at all – just felt like my knee cap was shifted over to the right. Everything looks completely normal, so I’m not sure why I’m feeling this. It’s like a ghost kneecap.
  • I can’t spit to save my life. EVERY time I try to spit during a run, a long strand seems to dangle from my mouth. Again, this is definitely TMI and I apologize. And it’s just super gross. I really need to master this art.

7 out of 10 Norweigan wooden trolls agree...I'm weird.

p.s. 1 month till WEDDING DAY. Wowza.

Land’s End Canvas

A  25% off coupon to ANY item on Land’s End Canvas recently found its way into my inbox. With that kind of flexibility, I just HAD to use it, right?!

I absolutely love the shoes I ordered from LEC, but this time around I decided to check out their jeans department. I am really terrible at buying jeans and I’m definitely in the market for a new pair.

I ended up finding these babies in the sale section. With my coupon and free shipping, the grand total was $20!

Please oh please let them look this good on me.

The reviews are favorable, so I’m hoping these fit nicely. I’m only 5ft4, so I’m guessing they might be a little long. I really hate having to get things hemmed, but I might as well grow up and do it if I have to. Either that or I’ll cuff ’em if they’re too long.

I’m going to consider these jeans my casual-ok-to-wear-to-work pair. When we have events in the fall/winter, jeans are my go-to bottoms of choice. I need a pair that look respectable and that DON’T have frayed bottoms. Yes, it’s time to grow up a bit.

The new slacks are scheduled to arrive by the end of the week and I’m crossing my fingers for a “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” moment!

A Hairstyle Worth Sharing

I am not very creative when it comes to my hair.

It’s naturally curly and somewhat hard to be creative with. I can blowdry it straight pretty easily, but usually I’m not bothered. I feel like I’m lucky to be able to wash it, add a little de-frizz stuff and be on my way.

However I don’t always think my natural hair is that “professional.” Yes I can pull it into a messy bun, but even that isn’t so “I’m-27-and-mature.”

My natural do - very old pic (2006?)

So, imagine my excitement when, while reading Capitol Hill Style, I discovered the “Gibson Roll” – perfect and stylish, especially for people with curly hair.

Seriously, this is the EASIEST and PRETTIEST hairstyle ever. I’ve gotten SO many compliments on it…people ask if I had it done professionally! My mom even asked why the heck we were spending so much $ on a wedding updo when I could just do this.

Check it…

So purdy.


Side view.

It's hard taking pictures of your own head...

Basically you just pull your hair into a low tight pony tail, create a little “nest” for it above the elastic (imagine half-way doing a topsy tail), and then pin it in.

There is a super excellent and easy to follow tutorial here.

I’ve definitely found my go-to professional look. Love.


8 M-eye-ler

Yes that says 8 miler…

Allow me to explain.

I woke up this morning with one goal in mind: run 8 miles NO MATTER WHAT. I am fortunate enough to work from home on Mondays, so I knew I could get this run in at anytime today. I worked allllll weekend and get to “recover” when I work long hours, so I didn’t feel guilty taking some time away from work to get this done. I was supposed to tackle these 8 miles Saturday morning, but, of course, I was working. Anyways…

I got up early and got sucked into work almost immediately (but in my pjs, so I can’t really complain). I worked through about 12:30 and reached a natural stopping point. It was now or never.

I suited up, filled up my hydration belt and hit the road. It was rather hot today (83ish?) but not TOO crazy. I coasted through the first 3 miles with no emphasis on pace. I just wanted to get the miles in.

Then out of no where my eye started to freak out. I’m pretty sure a bug flew into it. It was super annoying and I couldn’t get it to go away. I tried to run it out (ummm not sure what I was thinking with that one?!) but ended up having to stop around mile 3.75. Thankfully I had my trusty iPhone along for the ride and attempted to take photos of my eye so I could see what was going on.

Super ewwww.

I managed to get whatever it was out and continued on my way. Around mile 5 I started to feel fatigued. I only did ONE 3 miler on the treadmill last week, so I think my body was a little shocked with the distance. I kept telling myself to just DO IT. What’s another 3 miles?!

I had some extra motivation actually…a family friend passed away yesterday. She fought a LONG battle with cancer and died yesterday. She was young – maybe only a few years older than me. My brother and her brother were college roommates and their family attended the same church as we did growing up. I was feeling sad about the whole thing today and on my run I thought, “RUN BECAUSE YOU CAN CARRIE.”

I am thankful that my body is well enough to take me ANY sort of distance. I need to take advantage of my good health – you never know what the future may bring. I am LUCKY to be able to run, even if it isn’t always easy for me. Really, pain, difficulty and suffering are extremely relative. No amount of discomfort I can feel while running can even come close to what our friend had to go through – or can even come close to what her family is feeling now.

The last 3 miles of my run were challenging, but I kept a positive attitude and finished with a smile.

Run because you can!!

Ok so my smile looks a little forced, but my legs were feeling it!

I’m proud of my stats…

And EVEN BETTER?! Thanks to my Garmin, I can compare this year’s 8 miler to last year’s (I’m training for the same race again). I even did them on the same day – September 26th. I’m getting faster!

A whole minute per mile faster!


I am thankful I can run. I am happy I can run. I won’t stop running!


Time to Get Down to Business

I’ve been MAJORLY slacking in my half marathon training.

The race is 7 weeks away, so I don’t feel too panicked, but I know I need to pick up some slack. Work is particularly crazy – I worked 14 hours yesterday and anticipate all of October to be the same – so I’m burning out a bit.

But I’ve vowed to not let my stress/pressure/exhaustion get in the way of my work outs. I feel GREAT after I finish a work out. Why do I have such a hard time motivating myself to do them?!

Last week I managed a 3 miler on the treadmill and a nice 7 miler. I told myself this week would be different. And…not so much. I did a 3 miler on the treadmill on Monday and haven’t done anything since. I’m supposed to get an 8 miler in this weekend according to the training plan, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.


Looking back at my dailymile stats from last year’s half training, I’m a little scared. In September 2010 I ran 62 miles. In September 2011 I’ve completed 32. Yikes.

Time to kick my own butt and put a little more effort into training. BRING IT.

I must remember what it feels like to FINISH!


Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Another big ol’ check mark can be added to that perpetual to-do list…


It’s much darker in person and the material is absolutely to die for. It’s kind of a light wool…perfect for late October. I seriously didn’t want to take it off.

Dress by susana monaco.

September is the Best Month. Duh.

Where the heck has September gone?


Since my last post (so long ago wow) I’ve done a decently amount of things.

  • Had a couples shower in PA
  • Turned 27
  • Ran the hilliest more horrid run of my life
  • Ran a 7-miler
  • Got through a Saturday of FOUR work events
  • Had a surprise mini shower
  • Bought new running shoes
  • Got my bridesmaid’s bouquets in the mail

Oh and the wedding is now like 37 days away or something. How??? Why??? Ahhhh!

Some quick recaps…

Couples shower – ridiculously awesome. My parents were there. His family was there. We constructed a tent. We drank like 15 bottles of wine. We kicked a keg. We sang karaoke. I cried. We got more gifts that we know what to do with. It was epic and amazing.

Turned 27 – no biggie…I’m just practically 30. Geez. Brian cooked me a fancy vegetarian curry and we dined at home. He also got me a Kindle, which I lOVE. Can’t wait to bring that baby on the honeymoon.

Hilly Horrid Run – The morning of the couples shower Brian agreed to do a 4 miler with me. However he failed to mention that we was taking me to a cross country course to do it. Seriously it sucked. It was on ALL GRASS and it was WET and hilly. Imagine just running through fields of rolling hills. I don’t do that. I do pavement. The only good thing about the whole ordeal was that the run was OBVIOUSLY good for me. I was slow as hell but it completely kicked my ass. Hills will do that. I was darn proud when I finished.

7 miler – I redeemed myself this past weekend with a fantastic 7-miler. Yes, it was mostly flat, but I did it without much effort. I think the hilly run of doom really made this feel easy. I finished in a 9:20-something pace.

9/17 – the Saturday with 4 simultaneous work events going on. Thankfully I only had to physically be at one, but I did have to make sure 2 others got off without a hitch. Twas a VERY long day.

Surprise shower – One of my super awesome and amazing bridesmaids surprised us with a mini shower immediately after the long day of work events. Thanks to the generosity of her family we got to watch the University of Richmond football game from a private press box. And her mom made the cutest little treats and invited our friends. It was so cute and so thoughtful!


New running shoes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Thanks to the hilly grassy run of doom, my old running shoes got soaked and managed to capture a horrid stench. I was unable to make it go away…It was time to buy new shoes anyway, so I went with the Brooks Adrenalines again. So far so good. This will be my third pair of Adrenalines. Oh and they’re purple. Love.

You won't let me down.


Bridesmaid’s flowers.

These really need no introduction. I LOVE them. Love. love. love. and love.

I heart you.

These are from FlowerThyme on Etsy. I HIGHLY recommend the shop!

I’m off to another dress fitting…cross your fingers it looks perfect!

Wedding Updates

And we’re less than two months from the big day.


It seems like only yesterday that we got engaged…

Recently I tackled my flower appointment, purchased our wedding bands, hired a band, finalized transportation, started some crafting, created our registries, had my first fitting, and sent out invites. Oh and the bridal salon where I bought my dress is now CLOSED. Like bam, out of business. I got the dress from Priscilla of Boston – a place that has been around for 65 years. SAD! But it won’t affect my dress or alterations since they’re seeing all previously purchased orders through to the end. In fact, my mom went to the store (it’s in Raleigh) yesterday to make sure everything was good to go, and she scored a veil and earrings for me for 40% off. I basically shopped via photo text messaging. Check, check and check.

And I’ve settled on SHOES.

Pretty and comfy.

And we’ve booked our HONEYMOON. God I can’t wait…

Excellence Playa Mujeres

All inclusive, adults-only, ridiculously affordable, 8 nights, 9 restaurants, 5 bars, beach, sun, and my husband. Seriously, hurry up November!!

Now the only things that stands between me and the wedding are 1 couples shower, 5+ work events, seating charts, a final fitting, a whole lot of running and bodypumping, and crafting like there’s no tomorrow. T minus 56 days!

Watermelon Beer and a Good Run

I think I found my beer calling…


Heaven in a can?

At the beerfest last week I tasted this gem (tasted it probably 10 times before I felt like the people serving the beer started to recognize me) and I was instantly smitten. When I saw it in Kroger I almost did a happy dance right then and there. Instead I scooped up a six pack and bolted through the self check out. Forget waiting in the damn deli cheese line…mama needs her watermelon beer.

It’s a wheat beer with a subtle watermelon flavor. No crazy sweetness going on here. Love. Love. Love.

In running news, I accomplished the best 6 miler of my life. For the Saturday long run, my “team” with the Half Marathon Training Team, the Falcons, is supposed to start running at 7:15am. I had some last minute bathroom needs to take care of before I left the house (sorry, TMI), so I ended up arriving at the meeting point at 7:10, a little later than I’d hoped. I figured I still had 5 minutes to spare, that I was early. But NO. Our leaders decided to leave early and the late comers were left standing there a bit clueless. Luckily there were several other teams leaving at the time so I jumped in with the Zebras. I spent the entire run attempting to find my friend with the Falcons so the time passed quite quickly. It was also pretty awesome to pass EVERYONE…something I’m definitely not used to. I didn’t end up reaching my friend until mile 5.98, but the run was pretty awesome in my eyes.

9:12?! I’ll take that any day. I felt strong the entire time and loved every minute. It looks like running in the morning may be possible for me after all…at least if I’m chasing people the entire time.

I’ve got a watermelon beer calling my name – over and out!