Make it Work

Anyone else a huge fan of Tim Gunn? I kind of want to kidnap him and keep him as my own fabulous grandfather (not that I think he’s super old, but you know what I mean). That’s not creepy…

Today I had to make my workouts work.

On Mondays, normally I like to go to Spin at 5:30 and BodyPump at 6:30. It’s a great combination of cardio and weights. However, I had a work event scheduled for 5:30 today and I knew there was no way I’d be done in time for either.

Mondays provide the most flexibility for me since I work from home these days. It really is the best thing EVER. It’s quiet, I can make smoothies at will, brew coffee just the way I like it, work with a cat on my lap, and, most importantly, use my lunch break for a work out. Today I decided to work out longer than usual since I’d be extending my work day until about 7pm.

I hit up the 12:10 BodyPump XP class at the gym and then came home and did a quick 3 miler. I was hesitant to run in the middle of the day, but thankfully a quick rain shower washed much of the heat away. It was still about 88 when I hit the road, which is a FAR CRY from 97 and humid. Why can’t my runs be this good in the early morning?!

When all was said and done I whipped up a delicious smoothy and went back to work. Another perk of working from home…no need to shower immediately after working out.

Then I took this really cool photo of me and my twin. Bahaha.


And now. Time to veg out.

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