HMT Week 1 Adjustments

I had big plans for my first week of Half Marathon Training.

Here’s what I aimed to do:

I ended up completely skipping all workouts on Monday. I totally forgot that Brian’s cousin was coming in to town for work, and we planned to have dinner with her. I usually add this kind of thing to my calendar, but it literally slipped my mind. By the time I remembered she was coming it was too late to squeeze in a workout. That put me at -1 Spin and -1 Bodypump for the week. Not such a good start.

I managed to make it to Wine and Dash on Tuesday (just barely!) but bailed on my Wednesday run. I spent the ENTIRE day driving around Richmond delivering cupcake invites for a work event and I was completely exhausted by the time I got home. And we had our final priest meeting at 6:30 so it was dark by the time I got home. I felt tired from the day’s work, so I didn’t mind taking a rest day.

Thursday I managed to squeeze in 3 miles after volleyball, so I caught up a bit. I also scratched working out on Friday. I did my Saturday AM run and plan to go to BodyPump today. So my ACTUAL workouts look like this:

Honestly, not too happy with this, but I did have to make some adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances. I plan to work really hard in week 2, and FORCE MYSELF to do some freaking strength training. I have several Groupons/Living Social deals to fitness-related places, so I am going to see what strength classes work with my schedule.

In other news, pics from the training team are up! I love that the team comes with a photographer…it’s fun to look at the photos week by week. Here are the two he managed to snap of me.

I heart purple. And running with friends!

Feeling like all sorts of crap.

My plan for this week is to run in the early AM on Thursday. Time to start that transition into a morning runner. Major UGG. But hopefully it will make the Saturday long runs a lot more tolerable.

Time to feed my belly and prep for PUMP!

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