Birchbox Update

After receiving my very first Birchbox on Monday, I’ve since had the opportunity to try out some of the goods. You can click on the picture of the item for more info at Birchbox. Let’s dive in.

First up, the Shaveworks Cool Fix razor burn gel.

I rarely need to use a product like this, but I just so happened to have a bit of razor burn this week. I encountered an impromptu opportunity to take a dip in a hotel pool last weekend (possibly after a beer festival…ahem) so I haphazardly tackled my bikini line (possibly after an undisclosed number of beer samples…ahem). Needless to say I ended up with some razor burn. I’ve been applying the gel to the area every morning after I shower (so for 4 days now) and I’m pretty surprised that most of the redness and bumps have gone away. It didn’t happen instantly, but the gel did help soothe the area. I also noticed that I don’t have many (maybe 1?!) ingrown hairs, which is definitely a first for me! I didn’t need to use much product, so I’m thinking this gel will last a long time and I will definitely use it again.

Next up, Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel.

Honestly, not really a fan. I’ve been using this since Tuesday and I’ve noticed my hair feels a little crunchy. Maybe I’m not using it correctly, but it seems to blob in some places and not really adhere in others. I don’t know. I’ve been applying it like a regular hair gel, and the directions say to comb it through tw0-inch sections and then shake your head to reset the curl. That is WAY to complicated for me. Maybe it’d be a miracle product if I used it correctly, but it’s just too much effort. I prefer to shower, throw in a little product, maybe scrunch a few times and then hit the road. Finally, and probably most importantly my hair seems to have the same amount of frizz as it  always does. When the sample is done I won’t be purchasing more…the battle to tame frizz continues.

And my final review…Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

Love it. It’s got a really unique feel to it – not quite a lotion, not quite a gel, kinda puffy like a cloud. It didn’t make my face shiny or clog my pores. It also seemed to keep my make-up stuck on pretty well, so I consider that a win. I’m not much of a make-up expert but I think this product does what it says it’ll do. Although $36 is a bit more than I’d like to spend on a primer, I may consider taking the plunge when I run out of the product I’m currently using.

Overall I’m quite happy with this month’s haul.  And I’ve still got the facial cream and the hair tie to take for a spin!

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