Did That Just Happen?

I walked in my door last night at 9pm. Where the heck did my day go??

Sadly I didn't spend my day schmoozing with wooden forest gnomes. Obviously I wish I did.

I worked my regular 9-5 then had a 5:30 work-related meeting. Then I whizzed over to WINE AND DASH and still ended up being late. I had to run in the restaurant and change clothes and the whole team waited for me. So nice of them!! I felt bad but they were all very nice about it. Runners are just good people.

I suffered through 3 surreal miles. It was so bizarre. They literally passed by without much thought on my part. I was physically feeling the burn (and the 93 degree heat) but mentally I was just kinda checked out. Definitely nothing like Sunday’s I-feel-like-sunshine-and-rainbows run. Maybe it was the fact that I was running on grass half the time?

Geez I was all over the place.

I didn’t stick around for wine this time and instead headed to Kroger to pick up our weekly haul. I managed to spend $130…I guess that’s what happens when you decide to shop only in the organic section. Boo! Eating healthy shouldn’t be so darn expensive. I took my sweet time bagging my own groceries (fun!) which probably kept me in the store an extra 15 minutes. Then I got home, unpacked, ate some cereal and called it a night.

Today’s a whirlwind…I’m heading in to the office at 7, driving around allllll day hand delivering some SWEET cupcake invites for a work event, meeting with the priest (oh yea that whole wedding thing is coming up…eeek!), and knocking out 3 more miles.

Cheers to that!!

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