The Next 2 Weeks

Who doesn’t love a good training plan?

The training team I am on comes furnished with a handy dandy training manual. It’s got a detailed calendar, descriptions of “types” of runs, tips, and even a training log. I followed it practically word for word last year and I plan to take a similar route this year. Following that guide made me realize that TRAINING WORKS.

I had stupidly completed a few races prior to the training team with basically ZERO training. And I suffered for it. This year I’m going in with my training guns blazing, especially since I think I might be able to accomplish a sub 2 hour race.

In addition to the lovely training manual, I also plan to use Google docs to keep myself accountable. I want to cross train and strength train this time around, and this format allows me to add those workouts in too. Here are my first two weeks:

I’m hoping that by writing everything down I’ll actually be accountable to do it. There is nothing more satisfying than looking back at a training guide and knowing you actually did all that work. Love it! You’ll notice that I plan to run twice while at the beach…it’s on the calendar so

The mileage will start to add up quickly, so let’s rock and roll!

Running is DA BOMB!

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