Avoiding Collapse

Welp, I didn’t collapse.

But yesterday’s 5k was a scorcher. I am kinda disappointed I didn’t do better in this race, but all things considered I guess I should be pleased with the outcome. I have completed maybe 5 runs the entire month of July, and only 2 of them have been outside. Had this race taken place in April or May, I could have PRed like WHOA.

Anyways…here’s the scoop.

My unspoken goal was to finish in under 28 minutes, so I accomplished that. However, I did have to stop and walk right around mile 2. I needed a mental pep talk and had to take in some water. The humidity can be crushing. I felt like I was flying the last mile, but when I looked down at Mr. Garmin I was running about a 9:40 pace. Ouch.

So anyways, not the best race ever, but I’m glad I did it. Half Marathon training starts on Saturday so it was nice to have a little race to motivate me.

In other news I spent $170 on groceries today. I’ve decided to shop almost exclusively in the natural/organic section of Kroger. It’s painful on the wallet but I feel better about what I’m putting in my body. Hopefully today’s haul will last a solid 3 weeks!

FEED ME (real, wholesome, nature-made foods)

Goodbye weekend, you’ve been fun!!

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