Summer Racing

Despite the wretched heat (have you heard?!) I am running a 5k tomorrow.

The Pony Pasture 5k is a super small race that runs alongside the James River. I ran it last year to “mentally prep” for the start of the half marathon training team. I finished last year in 30:58, which is pretty much exactly a 10 minute mile. However, this isn’t a chip-timed race and I started in the back, so I was probably about a minute faster. These were my Garminless days. Oh sad!

My goal for this year is to NOT COLLAPSE. I haven’t really been running, let alone outside, so I’m not really sure what to expect. I suffered through 3 miles on the treadmill on Wednesday and it was not pretty. I was really pushing it and only managed to maintain an 8:50 pace. I was hoping to crush my 5k PR since the course is FLAT and awesome, but I think the heat is going to prevent me from doing that. I finished the Phillies 5k in 26:27, so a PR is really a stretch.

Last year's PP 5k

Once this race wraps, it’s on to my 2nd year in the half marathon training team!!

Bring it on!!

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