Somehow in the midst of my recent travels I seem to have misplaced my Garmin charger. Truth is, it’s been a nice excuse NOT to run. I am freakish about running without it – I just can’t get out the door. It’s like my security blanket. Unfortunately it also means that I haven’t really been running at all. I took a hardcore spin class last week and have been doing BodyPump 2-3 times a week as well. As for running…nada.

So tonight I FORCED myself out the door with my little dinky wristwatch. I decided to run for about 15 minutes and turn around in the hopes that I’d do about 3 miles. I ended up running almost exactly 3 miles in 27:34 which is about a 9:11 pace. It was balls hot outside so I really shouldn’t have gone that fast. See, I NEED my Garmin!

Garmin you are my bff. You make me smile.

I’m starting half marathon training on August 6th so I really need to build up a base. This time around I plan on doing some REAL cross training, so hopefully a little running base and some weight lifting will take me to a new PR!!! Do I smell a sub 2 hour half in my future?!?!?

The best part about my next half marathon? I leave for my HONEYMOON two days later!

T minus 102 days till the wedding btw…

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