Growing Pains and Terrible Race Photos

I’ll get to the Corporate 4 Miler race recap in a moment…if you’re here for that and don’t want to soak in my woes, please scroll down.

Lately I’ve been feeling rather blah.

This is my blah face.

The most frustrating part is that I can’t really pinpoint why. I love my job but lately I’ve been wanting a new challenge. A new adventure. A new routine. It’s not that I necessarily want to do something new professionally, but I’m lusting for SOMETHING. At one moment I’m eager to apply to graduate or PhD programs and the next moment I’m paroozing the web for interesting sounding jobs. The whole “blah” thing kicks in because I don’t exactly know what I want. I don’t know what that “next step” is in my life. It’s not that I’m unhappy – in fact I have a pretty kick ass life at the moment – I’m just itching to learn/experience/take a risk/develop personally and professionally/travel/soak it all in. Perhaps this is a legit quarter-life crisis. How can I satisfy this urge?? I shall keep you posted…

In other news the Corporate 4 Miler was a success!

I seriously had my doubts about the race in the hours leading up to it. Gun time was 7pm, but the temperature on Thursday hovered in the high 90s pretty consistently. Oh and that Virginia humidity was bound to make things interesting. Not to mention the fact that my attempt at a measly 3 miler on Monday in the heat was down right embarrassing (that whole “I need to drink out of a puddle and walk every mile” thing).

But I was damned if I didn’t run that race. Brian and Tristan were both considering not running…but I literally forced them into the car. When we arrived at the race location we were greeted by large vats of water (water monsters??) and plenty of shade. We milled around for about 30 minutes before taking our places at the un-corralled starting line. The boys started up at the front and I found a place sort of in the middle.

Before I go any further, let me explain that I am NOT a sweater. I get really red, but wet stuff doesn’t usually come out of my skin except on LONG runs or in out-of-control humidity. I don’t know why I have this issue, but it’s just become normal for me. Perhaps I am not drinking enough water to sweat? Or my pores are ridiculously small? Whatever it is, whatevs.

Sweat beads are brain cells leaving the body.

So anyways by the time I jaunted over to the start my in-between-boob-area was already dripping with sweat. Yuck. The gun went off precisely at 7pm and we were off. Despite the heat I felt surprising stellar the first 2 miles. My body was excreting an absurd amount of sweat, so that felt a little weird, but overall I was feeling pretty hardcore. By mile 2 the sun was setting a bit and the temps dipped down to the low 90s and some folks came out with hoses so the heat wasn’t killer. But then mile 2.5 hit and I suddenly felt the urge to chug a bathtub full of water. I probably consumed 6-8 bottles of water and 2 powerades earlier in the day, but clearly my body had already sweated it all out.

I trudged through the next mile and a half and managed to swing out a decent overall pace. I would have been happy with anything sub-40 minutes, so I’m proud of my time.

Talk about NON negative splits (positive splits?). Apparently the more I sweat, the slower I get. Such is life. Also, since the race was super tiny (they didn’t even have chip timing) the “official” photographs are less than stellar. In fact, I am pretty sure this is the worst race photo EVER taken of me. And that includes the poopy gems that came out of the Monument 10k. Like this one:

My hands have a mind of their own.

And the worst photo ever…

I'm nothing but a blur.

This is obviously me and it obviously sucks. I was hoping for a better photo – I even tried to “pose” – but apparently I don’t understand how camera lenses work. There were only about 100 photos up on the race website, so I guess I should be thankful that I’m in any of them. Ha.

I have officially completed SEVEN of my 10 New Year’s Resolution Races. I’m thinking I might round up a make it 11 races in 2011. And if I want to be super cool and snazzy, I’ll vow to run 12 races in 2012, 13 in 2013, and on and on until I’m running 80 races in 2080 at the age of 96. Again, I’ll keep you posted…

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