Another Race!

And this one is just two days away!

On a whim I decided to sign up for the Corporate 4 Miler taking place on Thursday evening. I work closely with several groups involved in the event, and they convinced me to register. The best part about the whole thing? I got Brian AND Tristan to register as well. I had to bribe Brian with promises of beer at the end, but I secretly think he’s excited to see how well he can do. He’s been running 4 miles pretty much every morning for the past month.

The weatherman is calling for a high of 99 on Thursday, so things might get interesting. The gun doesn’t go off until 7pm though, so hopefully it won’t be too sweltering. I plan to chug water as much as possible over the next two days. My goal is to maintain a 9 min/mile pace and finish in at least 36 minutes! If it’s ridiculously hot I’ll adjust my expectations a little and aim for a sub 40 minute race.

I’ll be back this evening with my “sleeping on the floor” update and a recap of my 6am bootcamp class. Happy Tuesday!

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