Thunderstorms…the ultimate motivator. And my hair.

If there’s one thing that always motivates me to run, it’s the weather. And I don’t mean nice weather. Drop me onto the street with a thunderstorm looming in the distance and I am going to run like the wind.

I set out to complete 9 miles on Sunday afternoon, which is an usual time to run for me. I like to knock my long runs out on Saturday mornings (it makes me feel like I have the whole rest of the weekend to just veg out) but since I was out of town for my lil bro’s graduation I had to make adjustments. I checked the weather report obsessively on the way home from NC and it seemed as though I’d be running in torrential rain no matter what time I started. However, I take the weather reports with a grain of salt since they are usually just flat out wrong. Around 5:30 I decided it was kind of “now or never” and laced up my shoes.

The first 4 miles of the run were super pleasant – not the massive storm had predicted for 5pm. I chose a flat route and the sun was still shining gloriously. Around mile 5 I headed into the park near my house and the winds started to pick up and the sky darkened. I contemplated turning home, but I could see a twinkle of sunlight in the distance and I was bound and determined to get in my miles.

This looked scarier in real life. Props my my iPhone for taking the edge off.

I was literally at the FARTHEST distance from my house when the rain started to come down. I was also in the middle of a forest and completely alone. It kind of freaked me out. However, it did motivate me to whip out a 9:16 mile. I could feel the adreneline pushing me faster and faster. It was pretty bad ass.

Thankfully the rain lasted all of 1.5 minutes and I was out of the park in no time. My knees started to feel fatigued around mile 8 which scared me a little bit. I hope everything works properly and pain-free at Sunday’s half!!

Overall I was super happy with this run. I paced myself in the beginning and was able to reward myself with faster speeds at the end. 9 miles and change has been my MAX training distance for this race…let’s hope it’s enough.

In other life news, my brother has officially moved in. We haven’t lived together for 8 years, but so far so good. Now when I work from home on Monday’s I’ll actually have some social interaction…yay! He’s spending most of his time trying to find a part time job while he prepares to go back to school in the fall. The rest of his time will be spent cooking us gourmet meals I hope.

Also, I’ve been wearing my hair UP a lot lately. It’s naturally curly, so this humid weather makes it difficult to maintain.

Au natural

I like to blowdry it straight, but as soon as the humidity hits it goes a little crazy and I throw it up in a bun.

Check out my hair, not my ear.

In the winter (and on NON-HUMID days) I can even whip out the curlers and really go to town. However, these occasions are few and far between. Tears.

Nice hair requires entirely too much effort.

Wow, what a tangent.

Next up on the agenda, the Story of US, part deux. Stay tuned because it’s about to get juicy.

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