The Story of Us, Part 1

One particularly wonderful development of my “adult” life is my relationship with Brian, my fiance. We attended the same university, and even graduated the same year, but never actually met our entire 4 years of college. Brian  had classes with several of my closest friends and even worked 20 feet away from me in the library –  he worked behind the desk and I worked in the coffee shop – but we never met.

We graduated in May 2007 and both ended up living in Richmond. Our paths crossed for the first time that summer. My bff and roomie at the time, Em, and I were out at a bar when she started talking to two guys. One of those two guys was Brian – Em had a few classes with him and knew him that way. She introduced us and I instantly recognized him as someone I had seen before from school. We chatted for a few minutes and then Brian and his friend Quinn left to go out somewhere else. I was immediately in to Brian and asked Em if she had his number (I’m forward like that).  She didn’t and I was bummed. I can CLEARLY picture Brian walking out of the bar…it was sad!! However, my sadness didn’t last too long thanks to a few more gin and tonics and the fact that I was currently smitten with another boy at the time (single and ready to mingle…what can I say).

Summer 2007. Epic in every sense of the word.

A few weeks later my roommates and I hosted a housewarming party to show off our new digs. We did what any self respecting group of still-in-denial-college-girls would do and invited EVERYONE we knew on Facebook. Lo and behold one of our invitees (Quinn, who is now in our wedding, and was friends with our 3rd roomie) was good friends with Brian and decided to bring him along. I remember looking out the window of our house and seeing them walk up. They were two of the first people to arrive and I was completely shocked to see Brian.

The first picture of Brian I ever took. Housewarming 2007 yo.

We didn’t really hang out at the housewarming…I was kind of seeing another dude and he was there too. It wasn’t weird at all though, we were all just becoming friends. I don’t remember too much from the party, but I do enjoy having this one totally awkward picture of Brian that was taken about 2 minutes after he arrived. We had interacted all of 5 minutes TOTAL at that point (3 minutes in a bar and 2 at the party. Yay math!).

August came around and I found myself hanging out with Quinn and Brian more and more. Em and I liked to go out a lot and so did they, so it was a logical friendship. It really was one of the best summers ever.

Lots of fun was had in 2007.

Those Civil War soldiers were a staple of our fun. What could make for a better photoshoot? I digress…

At this point Brian and I hung out in a group setting on several occasions. We mostly all met up on weekends, but we were both seeing other people so our hangouts weren’t really a regular occurance. Brian was definitely on my radar though – he was (and still is) a hottie!

We were trucking along all fine and dandy, until one night literally changed everything.

At this very moment, everything was changing!

Cliffhanger!! Part 2 to come!

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