A New Plan

Now that I’ve successfully taken a WEEK off of running thanks to my body’s rebellion, I’ve been thinking about revising my “training plan” for the May 22 half I’m running.

I literally haven’t done more than sit on the couch, make tea and sleep since Thursday. I feel like a prisoner in my own home and I’m going a little crazy. I’m hoping I feel 100% tomorrow so I can at least hit up yoga and Trader Joe’s.

Anyways, it turns out Runner’s World has a SWEET tool called Smart Coach that helps concoct training plans for all lengths of races. You basically enter in a past race time, the distance of the race you’re planning to run, how “hard” you like to train, your current weekly mileage, and the amount of time you have until race day. Then it spits out a pretty little calendar with your training plan all worked out. It’s kind of awesome.

Here’s what mine suggests for the next 3 weeks until the race:

I’m actually really surprised by this plan. It wants me to run an 11 min/mile pace?? That seems a little crazy?? It also only wants me to run a max of 7 miles for my long run, even though I had planned on doing at least 11 before the race. Currently the furthest I’ve gone for this training cycle is 9 and change, so I really think I need to squeeze in at least a 10 miler. Although, my body did kind of rebel against me this week, so maybe I need to take some of my runs a bit easier…

Here’s what all that gibberish in the training plan means:

I’m going to try and stick to this as much as I can. It doesn’t work perfectly for my schedule, but I rearrange a few things if necessary. I also think I’ll attempt another 9 miler or maybe a 10-er. I can do this. My only goal for this race is to beat the time of my 1st half marathon. I know for sure I can…my PR is currently 2:18ish, which is a 10:30 pace. I am confident that’ll be CRUSHED.

In other news, it’s time for some wine. Even though my body isn’t feeling 100%, it’s Saturday night and I’m not letting that go to waste. Even if it means sipping a glass on my own whilst surrounded by cats.

Ehhh...we just pretend to like you so you'll feed us.

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