Another weekend, another race!

Another race? Don’t mind if I do!

I’m officially registered for the CrossOver Challenge 15k!

With my half marathon just a bit over a month away I’ve scheduled myself to run 9 miles next weekend. So the fact that a 15k is taking place that weekend practically in my own neighborhood makes this race a no-brainer. And it’s a fundraiser race to boot – win win!

I won’t have to worry about hydrating myself, watching for traffic or running alone.  Win win win! Oh and I’ll automatically PR since I’ve never done a 15k. WIN!

In other news, I caved and bought a hydration belt. I ran in it for the first time yesterday and had a pretty terrible time for the first 4 miles of my run. I had it tightened as much as it would go and it was just bouncing like crazy around my waist. I ended up strapping it around my lower hips and it didn’t budge for the last 4 miles of my run, thank goodness. I guess I was just wearing it incorrectly to start?

I ended up doing 8 miles at a 9:35ish pace. My Garmin started acting weird and ultimately died around mile 5.75, so I’m not exactly sure what my real stats would show. All in all I felt great, so I’m hoping the 15k will go smoothly. It was nice having water and Gatorade with me at all times!

Bring it on MONDAY!

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