Shoe Love

After reading this post here by Julie, I was inspired to start my own Nude Shoe Search (yes it’s capitalized…it’s important). I read through the comments section of the post and came across a pair of shoes from Land’s End Canvas suggested by another reader. At first I was skeptical…Land’s End?? Isn’t that for 40+ year old lake people? However, I have been PLEASANTLY surprised by the Land’s End Canvas line.

I literally could not pass up the deal on these shoes in their sale section. They were just a mere $34.99 and I Googled around for a free shipping code. The reviews were good, the shoes looked pretty banging, and the stars literally aligned for me to buy these shoes (not that I needed an excuse or anything…).


Land's End Canvas Women's Suede Heels in Maplewood


And yes, that is the actual pair of shoes I ordered, sitting on top of our guest room dresser. They are a neutral suede and have a small elevated platform in the toe. Oh and did I mention that they were $35 measly bucks?! They fit like a glove (I’m a true 7.5 in shoes like Nine West and my feet are pretty narrow so I stuck with a 7.5 based on the reviews I read) and they are super comfortable. I just wore them for 8+ hours at the office and even did a little shopping during my lunch break.

Here’s the image from the Canvas website.

The neutral color would go with a lot of things in my closet, but here’s what I wore today.

Sorry for the sad iPhone pic…maybe we need to register for a real camera. I digress…

Here’s a real picture of the dress. It’s from F21 and actually looks nothing like camouflage in real life. I scored it here.

The grays/neutrals are MUCH darker than this photo suggests. Weird. But still cute.

I’m hoping these shoes will carry me a long way and I’m kind of wishing I bought them in navy as well!

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