Will you be my…

At the moment, I’m currently off racing the Phillies 5k, but I thought I’d share this wedding snippet to hold you over until my return…

It was a pretty easy decision for me to choose my bridesmaids. I don’t have a sister (neither does Brian) so I knew I’d want my closest girlfriends next to me on the big day. I’ve chosen to have two maids of honor (actually one maid of HONOR and one maid of HONOUR) since I really couldn’t decide between the two. One of them lives in Australia (hence the honOUr) so it isn’t very realistic for her to do anything “maid-of-honor-y” so having two is a logistical necessity as well. I’ll be the first to admit that I am generally clueless when it comes to all this wedding stuff (but thankfully I plan events for a living), so I’ve been heavily relying on my bridesmaids to give me advice.

So anyways.

How did I ask them to be in the wedding? To start, I found this really cute card on Etsy, and knew instantly that I wanted to incorporate this type of wording into my ask  (planning bonus: when I know I like something, I’m sold. No dilly dallying or mulling over a million options. That’s a recipe for insanity).

They are pretty fabulous, but at $4.50 a pop I knew I could do better. I wanted to make my message personal as well, so I decided to incorporate a bit of modern technology into my asks…

I picked out some cute stationary from Target ($5 for a pack of blank cards) and wrote the “Will you be my bridesmaid” message from the Etsy card (with a few edits of course). I switched the wording around a little bit and ended my note by saying, “and I have one more question for you, but you’ll have to go to this website to see what it is!” Then I directed each bridesmaid to a Google Form that I created especially for her! I used the link-shortening website, tinyurl, to create short “pretty” links to write out for each girl. This was important since I didn’t want to have to write out a 75 character web address to connect them to the Google Forms. Here is what the form looked like for my friend Mandy:

Now I could write my own personal message to each girl and not have to worry about squeezing all that love into one tiny notecard. They all loved the cliffhanger in the note and couldn’t wait to get to a computer to check out their links. Google automatically emailed me when each girl filled out the form, so I immediately texted/called/G-Chatted with them to exclaim my happiness! Asking the girls this way also avoided any sort of awkwardness if one of them couldn’t or didn’t want to be a bridesmaid for some reason. I put a “no” option in the form to let them know that I’d completely understand if they couldn’t do it. For the record, they all enthusiastically said yes!

All in all I had a lot of fun with this idea and I think the girls did too. Three cheers for Google!

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