Another Half and Halfway There


Yup, I registered for my second half marathon!! It takes place on May 22nd, so I have just under 2 months to train. I think I’ll be in pretty good shape by that point, now that I’m already up into the 5-6 mile range. This race will also mark the HALF WAY point in my 10 races in 2011 New Year’s Resolution. So that just means I’ll need to find 5 more races to run in the summer/fall to reach my goal!

In other news the Phillies 5k is TOMORROW and I am ready to blast that baby out of the water. My current 5k PR is OVER 30 minutes and I really just want to crush that. I did a “practice 3-miler” on Monday with Brian (yes hell froze over and he actually ran with me!), so I feel pretty good about my goal.

I’m kinda sorta hoping that I can do it in under 25 minutes, or at least 25:30. My practice run included hills (well, hilly in comparison) while the Phillies 5k is completely flat.

Here is my run:

And the Phillies 5k course:

My only worry is that the forecast is calling for COLD weather on Saturday morning. The race doesn’t start til 9am (yay!), but the daily high is only 40 degrees. I’m guessing it will be in the mid-30s during the race. It’s been in the 70s here, so I’m not used to running in the cold recently. It’s also a brand new race, so there’s no telling what other craziness could be involved. I’m crossing my fingers for a great race day!

OH and a quick wedding update…my parents hosted an engagement party this weekend and it was AWESOME. We had such a blast with about 30 of our friends, family members and coworkers. It was “cocktail attire” so I rented a dress from Rent the Runway and it was amazing. Such a GREAT website. They send you the dress in two sizes since you can’t actually try it on before wearing it. I wore a $400 Badgley Mischka dress and it only cost me $50 😉 (And I had a 30% off code!). And you don’t have to pay for return shipping. Love.

The dress was a very sparkly blush color and it rocked. So did the cupcakes. The best part of the evening, however, was that one of my maids of honor got to attend the party via SKYPE! My mom totally surprised me and had the computer set up so she could call in from Australia. IT WAS FABULOUS!!

Virtually together!!

Lots of fun ensued and I cannot wait for the BIG party at the wedding!


How well do we know each other...


Time to pack for RACE DAY!!

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  1. Thanks for posting about Rent the Runway!!!! Love this idea!! 🙂

    • It’s the best!!! They have a huge selection and the feedback from previous customers really helps with size selection. I love that I can find something super special and fabulous and not have to pay an arm and a leg 🙂

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