Fast and Steady Wins the Race

I learned that the hard way today. I had every intention of running 4-5 miles at my usual 9:20-9:35ish pace. I did 5 horrifically boring miles on the treadmill yesterday thanks to a massive thunderstorm (26:57) so I wanted to squeeze in an outdoor run today. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping to I felt obligated to run.

It ended up being about 48 degrees for the run, which isn’t really my fav. Thank goodness I horde cheap gloves in my car like I’m some sort of glove squirrel. I HATE when my fingers lose feeling during a run.

So anyways, back to the lesson I learned. I felt pretty good when I started out so I ended up running WAY TOO FAST for the first two miles. I was feeling like a badass and just kept going. Unfortunately I am so NOT ready for 8:38 minute miles and I could only keep it under 9:00s for the first two miles. I definitely just wore myself out and I could feel my form deteriorating.

That’s practically a whole MINUTE difference from mile 1 to mile 3. I would so much rather run a steady 9 minute mile for the duration, and I’d probably have enough energy to keep going for 1-2 more miles. I really to learn to reel it in a little bit and be a little wiser about pacing.

With that I leave you with a picture of Mardi Gras cat, Deuce.

Happy one-week-till-FAT-TUESDAY!

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