That’s a picture of me rejoicing. Why? Because I had a great run today.

I didn’t think it would be in the cards for me today – I ended up coming home from work at 3pm thanks to my bff IBS (that’s a post for another day). Seriously I felt like I was dying. Horrid. Thankfully I wasn’t in agony for too long, but I did end up crawling into bed to escape the nausea. I managed to get some work done from home and when 5pm rolled around I had a “now or never” type moment. I’m not really sure what possessed me to actually put my running clothes on, but I did. Thank you subconscious body.

I ended up going out to my car to wait for Bri to come home, just to see if MAYBE he would run with me. I even told him I NEEDED him out there with me. I got a big fat no. I was totally ready to throw in the towel and I asked him if it would be bad if I didn’t run. I fully expected him to say “no, of course not sweetie pumpkin baby,” but he actually said, “Yes, it’d be really bad if you don’t run.” Geez what?! He then proceeded to tell me that it was all in my mind and that I should probably just get my ass to the park. I mean I was dressed and in the car already.

I guess I’m just dramatic and he’s always right (did I just say that??).

So I pathetically drove to the park fully expecting my run to suck. I piddled around a little bit waiting for Mr. Garmin to locate his satellite friends and I finally took off around 5:20. I decided to just let my body run and not try to do anything too fancy. I vowed to ignore my Garmin and didn’t look at my pace even one time. I just let the run happen and didn’t put any pressure on myself to run a certain pace or distance. As the sun sunk down I heard Mr. G click to 3 miles and I decided to do just one more for good measure. I was feeling surprisingly zen.

Color me shocked. It’s amazing what NOT obsessing over pace/distance/time can do for a girl. So glad I kicked that little running rut in the ass.



Oh and TOMORROW IS MY FRIDAY. This little lady has some white dresses to try on…

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