Celebrations and Crappy Runs

Brian and I spent the weekend in Staunton, VA – probably one of our favorite places to visit for a weekend trip. We got a PHENOMENAL deal on our hotel and some other sweet stuff and decided to use the weekend as our Engagement/Valentine’s Day celebration.

Let me break down this deal for you. It was really just that kick ass.

$99 ($108 after taxes, etc) got us:

  • 1 night at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel (right in the middle of town and an overall nice place)
  • Free breakfast for 2 (nice buffet normally priced $12.95 pp)
  • $20 gift card to Shenandoah Pizza (our FAVORITE pizza place in all the land)
  • 2 tickets to the local movie theater (a 3 minute walk from our hotel…normally $8.50pp)
  • Free parking (normally a few bucks a day)

Oh and the hotel had a wine festival IN IT on Saturday…so we definitely hit that up.

I got in my 5 mile run on Saturday AM then we hit the road. As a thank-you-for-proposing-and-happy-Valentine’s-Day-gift I took Brian to three breweries that were all on the way to Staunton.


Three breweries may have been a bit too much…he barely made it through the wine fest. We ended up touring Starr Hill Brewery and sampling all their beers, scoring a quick lunch at Blue Mountain Brewery, and then rounding out the beer intake at Queen City Brewery. I tasted most of the beers along the way, but left the actual consumption to Brian since someone had to drive.

I got my kicks at the Winter Wine Festival in our hotel that we promptly entered as soon as our bags hit the floor of our hotel room. Between Queen City and the wine fest I ended up walking away 5 bottles of wine richer 🙂

I can often be seen with a wine glass in my hand, so this isn’t too crazy or unusual.

Yum, fermented grapes.

But I like (good) beer too.

Oktoberfest...Munich 2007. I had 5 liters cause I'm hardcore.

And bubbly champagne.

Perfect for celebrations (and putting out cupcake fires)

Anyways, now that I seem like a total lush (which, sad to say, I’m really not…I can’t party like a rockstar like I used to), back to our weekend.

We spent an hour or so after the wine fest in the room to recoop (I watched E! and Brian took a much needed nap) and then we headed to dinner at our favorite restaurant in town, Zynodoah. I had a yummy ricotta gnocchi. Then we saw “Unknown” at the cute little theater. It was surprisingly entertaining and I’m proud of myself for staying up till 11:30 to watch it. Go me!

Sunday we lazed around, ate our free breakfast, lazed around some more, then hit up Shenandoah Pizza for garlic bread and a yummy pizza pie. All in all, a FABULOUS weekend with my husband-to-be.

After all this fun and relaxation I decided to check out a yoga class at our gym on Sunday afternoon. I contemplated not going, but I had it in my calendar and didn’t want to feel guilty about not going. Is that weird? It ended up being a great class and I’m super glad I went. I plan to go again on Wednesday night.

On to crappy runs. I had one today. I’ve been feeling pretty great the last few weeks, so I imagine it was about time for a crappy run to come my way. I intended to whack out 5 miles (which is what my training plan called for) but I ended up only making it through 3.3. I literally had no will to continue on and my legs were just DONE. I felt pretty defeated.

Blah. I think I need to focus more on what I’m eating, how much water I’m drinking, and how much stress I’m under. I tend to to A LOT better when all these things are in check. I thought wearing my fun pink Nike shorts and pink socks would make me feel like running with the wind, but they didn’t do a damn thing.

So much for looking the part. Sometimes that can help (yay for new running clothes!), but I should have know from the look on my face that this run was going to suck.

I’m officially resting up like crazy tomorrow (i.e. not doing anything active AT ALL), drinking a boatload of water, eating a balanced diet and grasping my trusty stressball furiously. No more crappy runs please!

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