Five Finger Friday

I love alliteration and it really works well today.

It’s a balmy 75 degrees here in Richmond today…the perfect weather for VIBRAMS!!!

I bought my Vibrams last summer, but haven’t really run in them much since. I was training for the half marathon all late summer/fall and I only wanted to train in the shoes I’d actually wear on race day. Since it was my first half I didn’t want to throw any wrenches into the mix. I had originally thought I’d try and run the Monument 10k in the Vibrams but cold weather training isn’t so pleasant when your feet are basically exposed to the frigid air. My biggest fear is that my feet will go numb in the cold and I’ll accidentally break a toe or something and I won’t be able to feel it.

So the Vibrams have sat peacefully by the front door until today. I have a 5 miler in the AM so I didn’t really want to push it today and the weather was perfect for barefoot running.

Don't mind my freaky looking feet...I was wearing socks all day.

I couldn’t for the LIFE of me get my left pinky toe into its slot, so I just gave up and ran with it all weird. I only went about .3 of a mile, but from what I’ve read you are supposed to take it ridiculously slow when you first start out. It was quick and easy, but I can already tell my calves are going to be sore.

I kind of look like a frog.

I really need to work on this whole “take a pic with my iPhone” thing.

Time for Friday night relaxation!

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