Nap or Workout?

I chose nap.

I thought about going to a body pump class tonight (never done one!), but I decided against it when I walked through the door this afternoon. I have volleyball games at 9 & 10pm tonight so I didn’t want to over do it. My body was craving some extra rest. Unfortunately a little furball has been keeping me up all night with his need to cuddle on my face. Ever tried to sleep with a wet cat nose tickling your nose? Horrible. Oh and he drools like crazy.

At least he's cute. And MUCH fatter now.

The 1.5 hour nap was exactly what I needed.

Yesterday’s run was decent. It called for a 35 minute tempo run, but honestly I’m not sure how the hell to actually do that. I’ve read tons of info about tempo runs online, but when I actually hit the pavement I can’t seem to figure it out. So instead I just ran two loops of the park…about 3.25 miles.

I’m getting comfortable in the early 9:00s. I am not really sure what to equate this to, but I’m not complaining. Training WORKS and I’m not a “Real” runner. Love it. I’m hoping I can maintain this kind of pace in the Monument 10k.

In other news, I bought a Boot Camp pass on Living Social today. $20 for a 1 month unlimited pass to bootcamp classes near my house. SOLD. I’m planning to use my month in March or April, when it’s a little nicer out (although today was a happy 72 degrees). I’m considering this my “get my ass in shape for the wedding” present to myself.

Time for volleyball!

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