Monday Love

I actually enjoy Mondays. I work from home in my PJs basically all day, I can eat whatever I want out of my pantry, I get to snuggle with my cats, and I get to run in the daylight (and not have to worry about cleaning up for the office). Monday also means YOGA night, which I’ve been loving lately. Oh and it’s also Chipotle night…we have a system down (I go to Yoga at 6:30 and pick up our yummy dinner on the way home).

Today’s Monday was especially awesome. I got to whip out THIS BABY:

My running skirt!! It was about 70 degrees here today and it was absolutely perfect for a run. I decided to push myself a little on today’s run since my training plan only called for 3 miles.

Sub 9 minute miles!! I am very excited about that. Maybe I’ll actually accomplish my dream of finishing a 5k in under 30 minutes…that’d be awesome. I’m crossing my fingers that the conditions at the Phillies 5k are ideal for doing that!

Oh and happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Sappy love photo.

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