Virginia is for Lover’s 14k Relay Recap

Hands down my favorite race to date.

My request for Valentine’s Day this year was for Brian to run this race with me. He happily obliged since he has a ridiculously hard time buying gifts (such is the male gender). One option in the race is a relay – this was much more appealing to us than running the full 14k, especially since we haven’t been training for that distance yet. We ran the race with my brother, Tristan, and his girlfriend, Gray, and we decided to make a friendly competition of it.

Brian and Gray ran the first leg of the race (3.7 miles) so they started at the starting line. Tristan and I were shuttled to “Cupid’s Corner” where we waited in the relay exchange area. It was pretty chilly but they had a nice heated tent for us to warm up in. VA Beach had some snow/ice a few days prior so some of the ground was frozen. The combination of the heated tent and the wet ground made for some very icky mud. Thanks to the shining sun, Tristan and I decided to forgo the muddy tent and just stand outside to do some dynamic stretches. The whole area was very casual and we were simply told to keep our eyes peeled for our partner and make the exchange (basically just putting the ankle-timer-thingy on the other person’s leg) however we liked.

Thankfully I didn’t have long to wait for Brian to show up. We got to the exchange area around 8:45 and he was there by 9:25 (9am start time). He ended up finishing his leg in 25:08, a 6:43 pace. He took the Garmin off his wrist and while I put that on myself he put the ankle timer on me and I was off. The relay area shot us back in with the rest of the full 14k-ers, so I ended up with all the people running about a 7 min mile pace. Let’s just say I got passed the ENTIRE race 🙂

The course was VERY flat and fast and I felt fantastic the whole time which was a very welcome treat. I also had extra motivation to keep up my speed since I didn’t want to get passed by Tristan.

The course, per Mr. Garmin.

I loved the weaving around of this course. You could pretty much always see other runners and we were constantly looping back to DJs playing music and crowds cheering. People were also dressed up in all kinds of fun love-related costumes, so I was pretty entertained the entire time.

I ended up finishing my 4.99 mile leg in 46:37, a 9:26 pace. I couldn’t even believe I kept it under 9:30, especially after the Polar Plunge 5k mess. Oh happy day. I also crossed the finish line about a minute in front of Tristan and we officially beat them by a mere 20 seconds. A VERY close race!!

Our Garmin results. Very happy!!



All the finishers received these cute heart-shaped medals and a pint glass with the race logo and every female received a carnation at the finish line. The end of the race was actually inside the MASSIVE fieldhouse and it was incredibly well organized. I collected my medal and flower, passed by the banana and water station and proceeded to get my pint glass. Once I was through the shoot I was smack dab in the middle of a very jolly post-race party, sponsored by Yuengling. The group sat around and drank beers while we played with really cute puppies (the race benefited the local SPCA).


Valentine’s love dog.

All in all, this was a FANTASTIC race that I would love to run again. It was fun, the weather was great, and the distance was perfect. I’m already looking forward to V-Day 2012!

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