Polar Plunge 5k Recap

I came, I ran, I sucked.

This race was definitely NOT how I wanted to start out my “run 10 races in 1 year” thing. I was working ALL day/night on Friday (7am – 11pm…long day) and didn’t pay enough attention to my water intake or the amount of candy I was consuming. For some reason I just assumed I’d be able to rock out 3.1 easy miles. Not really sure where the heck that thought came from.

Anyways, I woke up around 7:15 on Saturday morning and took my time getting ready in the hotel room. Luckily the starting line was literally just out the back door of my hotel on the VA Beach boardwalk, and it was an 8:30am start time. I made my way downstairs eventually and was greeted by a lobby FULL of runners trying to avoid the pouring rain. Yes, POURING rain. At about 8:25 we made our way outside and by 8:31 I was crossing the starting line (the race maxed out at about 700 people – it sold out it’s first year – so it wasn’t too cramped making it to the start). The boardwalk was completely covered in a hazy fog and the rain came down pretty heavily the entire time. It was about 43 degrees (thankfully not freezing).


I felt fine for the first half of the race, and then for some reason at the turnaround, I started to feel like complete crap. I think I just ran out of energy. The fog made it impossible to see any sort of mileage indication (other than my Garmin) or the finish line, so I couldn’t psych myself out by visualizing where I was on the course. I also FELT like I was running pretty fast (like maybe a 9:30 pace…fast for me), but I kept looking at my Garmin and seeing that I was actually in the 10:00+ range. Very depressing. There is nothing worse than a headwind to blow away one’s spirits.

Here are my splits…shudddder.

Yowzers. All in all the race was actually a fun one – I’d like to run it again. But next time I know I need to prepare a bit more, no matter what the distance.

Depsite the terrible performance, I am still a happy runner.

Thankfully I redeemed myself with some AWESOME runs this past week. I’ll upload those stats soon.

Next up, the Virginia is for Lover’s 14k relay with my hubby-to-be (so weird to say that)!

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